09 August, 2013

Review: System JO 6v Volt

I’ve tried maybe a dozen or so warming or cooling lubes before, only one or two of which actually worked for both my husband and me and didn’t cause me any burning or painful sensations. A while back I bought and tried a tingling lip balm that I really liked, so I decided I’d try and find something similar in a lubricant form. System JO’s Volt capsules seemed to be about as close as I’d get. I ordered the 6v version of Volt to start with since it is for sensitive women. I figured if I liked it and felt I could handle 12v, I’d order that later.

Volt comes packaged in a small green and black box. The outside sleeve slips off to reveal an easy to open storage box. Inside of this box, all of the capsules of Volt are pressed into a small paperboard tray with the opening end sticking out for ease of grabbing and using. My pack contained 12 capsules and cost me about $15.
The gel capsules themselves really look no different than some vitamins and over-the-counter medications like Nyquil or Dayquil pills. The product I actually received only vaguely resembles the product System JO has pictured, which are opaque green capsules with a large glob on one end. They are green and see-through with a clear liquid inside. One end has a small pinched in area where you can either cut the capsule or break through it with your nails. I can’t tell if it is because mine have been sitting in the box for a long time or if this is how they are shaped, but the other end also kind of dips in. I’d like to note that mine were a bit difficult to remove from the box and ripped off a little bit of the tray when I pulled them out, but the stuck on paper makes absolutely no difference in the use of Volt.
Volt is packed as single-use capsules for both convenience and cleanliness. Since you use the entire capsule upon opening it and dispose of the gel capsule in the trash when done, each use of Volt is sanitary. It can also be easier to travel with Volt since it’s not a loose liquid. There is no worry of this stuff leaking or spilling during travel. I’m not sure if these would be ideal for air travel. On one hand, they’re not a liquid, which airport security may have regulated. On the other, they are an unmarked gel capsule full of liquid. I suppose if thrown in with other vitamins or pills they may pass for either.
In addition to the gel capsules I purchased, Volt also comes in a small bottle for about the same price. Unlike the capsules, with the bottle you can use as much or as little as you’d like. We found we only used about half of a capsule at first then went ahead and used the rest just not to waste it. At the same time, though, the bottle won’t be as sanitary for each use.
Each capsule is filled with an oil-based blend of extracts. It is clear and has a slight, though not unpleasant, odor to it. It has no taste but licking it will make your tongue tingle a lot.
Olive Fruit Oil, Oleyl alcohol, Prickly Ash Fruit Extract, Neem Leaf and Flower Extract, Coccina Indica Leaf Extract, Eggplant Fruit Extract, Aloe Barbodensis Flower Extract, Henna Extract, Holy Basil Leaf Extract, Basil Extract, Turmeric Extract, Coral Weed Extract, Jojoba Seed Oil.
Since this stuff is oil-based, you’ll want to be extra careful if using it with latex condoms. Oils tend to break down latex, making condoms less effective as a barrier. We used the capsules along with condoms and had no issues, but that might not happen every time. Aside from being oil-based I see no issues with the ingredient list. A lot of this stuff is either herbs we use for seasoning food or common ingredients in health and beauty products. The tingling sensation is created by natural herbs rather than chemicals. System JO states this product is paraben-free and contains no L-Arginine.
Volt provides a different sensation than warming or cooling lubes. It has this electric tingle to it that is pretty unique. It doesn’t burn or hurt but it does heighten sensation quite a bit.
Since I used the sensitive version of Volt, the tingling effects are much milder than 9v or 12v, which are regular and extra strength. I strongly suggest starting with 6v if you feel you are sensitive to warming, cooling, or tingling products. I am not very sensitive when it comes to these kinds of products; I actually rarely can feel anything with them. I found 6v Volt’s sensations pleasing but I think I’d like 9v or 12v more.
We tried this stuff all over our bodies. The directions state simply to apply to intimate areas. My husband and I found it doesn’t work so well on nipples or the penis, but it works well when applied to the clit or inside the vagina. He says he couldn’t really feel anything other than a very tiny tingle. This product is best suited for use on and around the vaginal opening.
Since the capsules are small I don’t think Volt would make a good choice for lubricant. It’s best to apply it along with lubricant, though that may dull the sensations a little.
We had no problems getting this applied. It’s about as thin as massage oil and is easy to rub in wherever you’d like. It absorbs into skin pretty quickly. The packaging states that a tingling sensation should be felt 3-5 minutes after application and should last 45 minutes. I felt sensations after just a couple of minutes but noticed it faded after about 20 minutes. Since we were done and cleaning up at that point it didn’t really matter to me that it didn’t last 45 minutes.
Once you start cleaning Volt off your skin the tingling sensation will begin to fade. For most of the external body, any sort of cleanser or body wash should remove it just fine. I suggest using a gentle feminine cleanser to remove it around the vaginal opening. I personally would not attempt to clean it out internally with a douche unless it is causing pain and discomfort.
The box Volt comes in is fine for storage. It keeps the capsules from getting crushed and has them standing up so that they are easy to grab. Once all the capsules have been used, the packaging can be recycled.
I found System JO’s 6v Volt to be one of the most enjoyable stimulating products I’ve tried. I have tried a few tingling products that caused a horrible burning sensation, but my entire experience with Volt was pleasant. I think I will try the stronger versions of Volt just because I didn’t get as much stimulation as I would have liked, but the sensitive version is definitely a pleasant introduction to the product and a good starting point for those who have never tried this kind of product before. I like that this uses all natural ingredients to create the sensations rather than chemicals. I would have liked, though, if it was water-based rather than oil-based just for condom safety.
I give 6v Volt 4 out of 5 stars.
Interested in ordering Volt? You can find it on Amazon.com and EdenFantasys. If you'd prefer a bottle of Volt over the capsules, it can be found on Pink Cherry.



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