30 June, 2013

Review: Vintage Rose Babydoll & G-string Set by Coquette

It’s been a very long time since I’ve bought any type of lingerie. I don’t wear it all too often and usually I end up being pretty disappointed by it. Just last week I was browsing the new products on EdenFantasys, however, and I came across a pale pink vintage floral babydoll and G-string set. I loved the pale pink babydoll with its lacey top and cute bow tied underneath the bust. I went ahead and ordered the set even though I already kind of knew I was in for a disappointment since lingerie is really not the type of clothing that works well for everyone unless it’s custom-made for each body. The set is available in sizes small up to 1X/2X. I chose size small, based pretty much off of my bust size.
The babydoll set arrived wrapped in a clear plastic bag with Coquette printed all over it. The babydoll did not arrive on a hanger, which is typical for lower priced lingerie from Coquette. Attached to the babydoll was a small plastic bag containing the removable and adjustable straps. Also attached to the babydoll were a few cardboard hang tags. According to them, the set is made in China. It’s made out of 82% nylon and 18% spandex. The set should be hand washed and hung up to dry. It should not be bleached or thrown into the dryer.
Before I really go into detail regarding the shape and design of the babydoll, I’d like to comment on its color. In Coquette’s product photos, the set appears to be a pale pink with raspberry detailing. In reality, the color, which Coquette calls dusty rose, is much darker. It’s more mauve than pale pink and the detailing is a deep, warm purple. Aside from the color, the product looks exactly as it is pictured on the model.
This babydoll is designed to have an empire-style waist. It’s tight at the top and loose at the bottom. The bra portion of it doesn’t have any underwire but it’s tight enough to offer support. Unlike a regular bra, though, it does a lot of pushing in rather than holding breasts up. Since the bust area covers where a bra would normally sit, a strapless bra can be worn underneath if you need more support. Around the top band of the babydoll, there is a ruffled lace trim with darker purple lace in the middle. The entire top portion of the babydoll, front and back, is a medium purple with paler purple lace overtop. The cups are lightly lined, just enough to cover nipples but not enough to enhance your bust. Inside, there are loops to attach the deep purple adjustable straps and some ribbon loops to hang the babydoll on a hanger.
In the back, the babydoll has no hooks or any type of closure. This is supposed to just slip over your head and fit tightly on its own. Since the material is stretchy it is easy to put on and take off.
The bottom of the babydoll starts with a deep purple band of stretchy lace. Attached to one side of the front is a small lace bow. This is safety pinned on so you can take it off or move it if you’d like. Below this band are two layers of mauve mesh. The mesh is very soft and stretchy. It’s also tiered. The bottom of each layer is stitched with deep purple thread. There isn’t an additional layer of solid fabric under these two tiers, so the bottom portion is a bit see-through, unlike the completely opaque top.
Lengthwise, the babydoll falls a few inches past my hips. Where it falls on you depends mainly on the length of your torso and the size you choose. The size small babydoll is about 22 inches long from top to bottom.
As I mentioned before, the babydoll has an empire waist. This means it’s at its tightest right below the bust. A common complaint about empire waist clothing is how it gives women a larger looking midsection or a “pregnant” look. I have always avoided empire waist clothing just because it makes me look like I am pregnant. This babydoll is no different; when I put it on it makes my midsection look larger. At the same time, the flowy fabric masks muffin tops and belly bulge. It’s flattering to your midsection in that sense, though it will make your body look slightly larger.
Image courtesy of Coquette
While I appreciate that the babydoll hides my stomach, I’m not a fan of how it flattens my breasts and makes my torso look larger than it is at the same time. I think the design would only look really flattering if your waist/midsection are a lot slimmer than your bust and hips, like an hourglass figure.
The babydoll does come with a matching G-string. It’s made out of mauve trim with pale mauve lace. It’s stretchy and easy to put on. It does not have a cotton liner in it. I’m not a thong wearer, but this one may get worn at some point since it’s much cuter than the usual black thong or G-string that accompanies lingerie.
I ordered size small based solely on my bust size since the waist and hips of this are loose. Coquette states that this set will fit a 34-36 inch bust. I wear a 34B bra, which is 34 inches under my bust and 36 inches over. The bust fit well. It was tight enough to hold the babydoll up but not so tight it hurt. It was a bit difficult to take off since my shoulders are huge. I highly recommend sticking to the size chart on this in regards to the bust. If you measure a couple of inches up or down from what the chart says for waist or hips, you’ll be fine.
I strongly recommend hand washing this set, especially since it has a lot of lace on it. Lace gets caught on a lot of little things, especially things like bra hooks, so throwing it in the washing machine will probably put some holes in it. I would hang it up indoors to dry and then transfer it to a hanger in the closet to keep it wrinkle free. Fabric softener will help keep it wrinkle free, too.
I think this babydoll would look cute with anything feminine or vintage. Old-fashioned hairpieces, stockings, and matching high heels would look great. I think the color would look great with any skin tone and hair color.
My overall rating of the babydoll and G-string set is 4 out of 5 stars. It’s adorable even though it doesn’t match the photos. I get the feeling this set would be cute in a variety of colors. It’s also comfortable to wear and made of good quality materials. My only concern with it is really the fact that it flattens my breasts quite a bit.
If you're interested in purchasing it, EdenFantasys has the babydoll and g-string set in stock for $41.99. Unfortunately since I seem to have purchased my set late in the season (this is a spring set and I ordered it at the end of June), no other online retailers have it in stock. Your local sex toy shop may have it.



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