15 June, 2013

Return from the Mysterious Beyond


I'd like to apologize to my readers for kind of taking off for a few months without any sort of notice. This spring was an extremely busy one for me. In the fall we closed on our first home together. At the same time, we had to wait to transfer our jobs until after Christmas, so our job transfers didn't actually go through until some time in March. It was kind of an immediate thing, too. We had maybe two weeks of notice before we had to begin our new positions. Unfortunately since we hadn't expected such short notice, we had a lot of packing to get caught up on. At the end of March we finally moved into our house and started to get outselves comfortable.

At the same time, I was planning our wedding set for April. Pretty much everything was on me to get done since I wanted to go the route of a DIY decorated wedding rather than extravagent store-bought. To throw even more into the mix, I'm in college full-time and had some pretty tough courses for the spring quarter. Writing four 10+ page term papers within a short period of time really makes me want to back into a corner and sob softly rather than get back online and write.

With those two major events over, I'm now back to doing mainly the same puttering around I was doing in the fall and winter. I've got some small goals right now, mainly involving my garden and getting some house work like painting done. Aside from that, I'm hoping to get back into blogging again. I have a few things lined up for review coming shortly and I am looking into expanding my posts a bit more.

Stay tuned!



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