06 February, 2013

Review: Icicles No. 8

Recently, I received the Icicles No. 8 from AdultSensations.com to review. I’ve found the Icicles toys to be interesting and had wanted to try them out for a while, so receiving No. 8 to review was exciting. Just looking at photos of the glass dildo online left me wanting to see the lovely colors of the glass in person.
No. 8 arrived in a small, discreet brown box addressed from AS International Retail, Inc. Despite the package having been shipped internationally from Canada to my home in the US, it arrived pretty quickly. Inside the box, No. 8 was padded with a layer of foam packing peanuts.
The toy itself is packaged in a black and white box. A small ribbon on the edge of the front pulls away the front of the box to reveal a plastic window with No. 8 behind it. The dildo is described as a glass massager all over the packaging rather than as a sex toy so it is a bit more discreet. I think the packaging is classy, attractive, and great for gift giving. It’s also informative as it goes over the pros to glass toys on the back. Inside the outer box, No. 8 is padded in a thick mat of foam. If you choose not to save the packaging it can be recycled.

Icicles No. 8 is much more beautiful in person than it appears in photos. Online, it looks like just a clear glass wand with blue swirled inside. It’s actually iridescent glass on the outside, which gives it lots of color. The appearance of the outside glass is different on each area of the dildo and changes according to how you move it in light. My toy has a few small bubbles swirled inside it, but other than that it’s flawless in appearance.
Glass is a really good choice of material for any kind of sex toy. It’s 100% safe to use since it is non-porous, hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and it can be stored in with any other toys. Since it is glass, you will need to inspect the toy before each use for any chips or cracks in the material. Even the slightest chip could cause you serious internal injuries. You’ll also want to keep the toy stored in a manner that it can’t fall or smash into something else to keep it from breaking or chipping.
No. 8 is average-sized compared to other glass toys in my collection. It measures 7 inches long total with approximately 6 inches of that being insertable. The circumference varies from just under 3 inches around to 5 inches around depending on the portion of the toy. The shaft of No. 8 has two gentle bulges in it as well as the bulbous tip and large bulbous base. The larger end is great to hold onto during use or if you prefer, you can insert the toy with that end first.  
This toy isn’t designed to specifically stimulate the G-spot. The shaft is too slim and straight to provide much in the way of G-spot stimulation, so you’re mainly going to receive stimulation from the feeling of the toy being inserted and rubbing against the vaginal canals. The slim shaft and small head do make this a good choice for thrusting, at least for my body. The glass did not hit my cervix uncomfortably at all. If you’re able to insert the toy with the larger end first you may experience G-spot stimulation. I personally am not able to insert that end due to its size.
As beautiful as No. 8 is, I didn’t really receive enough stimulation from using it alone. I feel many users would receive more stimulation from using No. 8 along with a small vibrator on their clit. I think I would have enjoyed No. 8 more if it had had a slightly thicker shaft or a larger head for more G-spot stimulation.
I do think this toy is a good choice for a warm-up before intercourse. Since the glass is completely smooth, adding just a little lube to it before inserting it will be enough. I felt my body created more lubricant during use so that I was fully ready for intercourse. I sometimes suffer from being extremely dry vaginally due to my birth control pills, which makes sex extremely uncomfortable at times since no matter how much lube we use I always feel too dry. Used during one of my “dry spells”, No. 8 helped make sex a bit more comfortable for me than it normally would be.
Glass also has a few “special features” to it. It’s very easy to alter the temperature of a glass toy for temperature play. Stick it in the fridge or freezer to cool it down or place it in some hot or warm water to heat it up a little. I strongly recommend testing the toy’s temperature before inserting in case it may be too hot or too cold for your body to handle. I personally like to hold onto it for a while to warm it up to body temperature.
No. 8 is safe to use with any kind of lubricant. I personally prefer to use silicone-based lubricant with glass toys, however if you are going to be using a silicone toy as well I suggest using water-based lube.
Cleaning No. 8 is very easy. It can be washed with soap and warm water or you can use a toy cleaner. It can also be boiled or thrown in the dish washer to sterilize it. Once it’s clean and dry, I recommend storing it in either the original packaging or in a padded toy pouch to keep it safe. It can be stored in with other toys, however if it were to hit against other toys it may chip. For the time being I keep No. 8 stored in a padded toy pouch but I am going to be wrapping it in some bubble wrap as soon as I get some since the padded pouch is way too big for it. Again, I recommend inspecting the toy before use and before storage to ensure it does not have any cracks or chips in it.
I think No. 8 is a decent toy. The packaging is discreet and good for storage. The glass is beautiful. I do wish the toy offered more in the way of stimulation as I felt a bit bored with it during use, however it does prove to be useful for a warm-up. I think this would be a good choice in a glass toy if you’re looking for something with a slimmer shaft, however if you are a size queen you’ll be left extremely disappointed.
I give No. 8 3 out of 5 stars.
I’d like to thank Adult Sensations for sending me Icicles No. 8 to review on my blog. If you’re interested in any other toy in the Icicles line, click here to view the entire collection on Adult Sensations. 



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