15 January, 2013

Review: Why U No Warm?!

I like warming sensations. Unfortunately, most warming products I’ve tried so far have been a major let down. I decided to grab the Screaming O Studio O Balm Warming while it was on sale at PinkCherry and see if I liked it. It was $5, no big investment, so I went for it.

The warming balm comes packaged in a black paperboard box. The back describes the product as “fashionably concealed as a eyeshadow product” in design. The product is all natural; gently warms skin; and is paraben-, petroleum, and phthalate-free. It is made in China.

Soybean Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Candelilla Wax, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Natural Cinnamon Flavor, Apricot Kernel Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Tocopherol.
The ingredients don’t really raise many concerns for me. This doesn’t contain any of the ingredients people usually try to avoid: glycerin, sugar, aspartame, parabens, petroleum, and harsh chemicals. I do have one mild allergy out of the list, coconut oil, but the product has not affected me at all since I am not ingesting it and am only using a small amount. If you have severe allergies to any of these ingredients, I suggest avoiding use of it.
Inside the packaging, there is a small black plastic container with a flip lid. The lid has a piece of red see-through plastic in it. It does strongly resemble some of the eyeshadows I have, so the container is indeed as discreet as the manufacturer claims.
The balm itself is white in color. It has the same feel and consistency as any other lip balm. It leaves skin just a tad bit shiny, but mostly matte. It feels smooth on lips, but not greasy or sticky. It lasts on lips as long as regular lip balm.
It has a very strong cinnamon scent. Just putting my nose within a foot of the container, I can smell the cinnamon. Once it’s applied, though, it’s not that strong smelling. It seems to be just when there is a ton of it in one area that the fragrance is strong. Despite the wonderfully spicy scent, this is only mildly cinnamon flavored. It is also just a tiny bit sweet, almost like Big Red gum.
You have a few options for applying the balm. It can be applied onto lips and then kissed onto a partner, or you can rub it on your body anywhere you’d like. No matter where you apply it, I strongly recommend using a Q-tip for application. Fingers can carry a lot of bacteria, especially those that have been in food, have long nails, or have been playing with genitals. These bacteria can easily be spread by sharing the balm after sticking your finger in it.
Applied to my lips, the balm really doesn’t provide any sensation to me. I can smell it and if I lick it I get a mild tingle on my tongue. I feel my minty Burt’s Bees lip balm provides more sensation than this product, though.
I also tried applying the balm to my nipples and clit. I felt absolutely nothing on my nipples at all, despite the generous amount I applied. I rubbed on just a thin layer onto my clit, which did produce some mild warming sensations. After a bad experience with a vaginal gel, I have not wanted to attempt applying any kind of product other than lubricant inside of my vagina, so I did not test it there. The sensations I felt disappeared after about 10 minutes.
I think use of the Warming Balm would be great with any other kind of external teasing since the product itself provides very little stimulation. If you use it on your clit, it would be great to use with a vibrator or vibrating c-ring.
I feel this product isn’t as effective as it could be due to the amount of cinnamon in it. Cinnamon restricts blood flow, which makes for a warming sensation as blood is trapped under skin. It also causes areas to plump slightly. Cinnamon is a common ingredient in lip plumping products. If the manufacturers had put more cinnamon in this, it would have given a much greater warming sensation.
If you decide you don’t like the Warming Balm or want to just wash it off, it comes off with soap and warm water. There shouldn’t be any issue of it staining clothing or bedding.
Since Warming Balm is oil based, you’ll want to avoid using it around the vagina if you plan on having vaginal intercourse with a condom. Oils break latex condoms down, which means that the condom will have a higher chance of breaking.
My overall opinion of Warming Balm isn’t very high. The only place I was able to feel any sensation with it was on my clit, and that was mild and did not last very long. I was disappointed because I like a tingling or warming sensation on my nipples. I'm glad I only paid $5 for this since it's going to be used strictly as a lip balm from now on.
As with the Cooling Balm, I give the Studio O Balm Warming 2 out of 5 stars, mainly for safety, price, and the discreet container.



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