17 January, 2013

Review: No-a Vibrations

I’ve been reviewing sex toys for quite a while now. I’m always interested in trying new types of toys, especially vibrators. One type of toy I had yet to try and wanted to experience was a vibrator meant to be used by couples. I’ve tried lots of vibrating c-rings, but the idea behind an insertable couple’s vibe seemed interesting enough. I decided to go ahead and order Lelo’s Noa so I could kind of kill two birds with one stone. This is my first LELO brand toy as well. I ordered Noa in pink (or cerise). The toy is also available in rose and black.

Noa is packaged in a small white box. The outer white paperboard box (which is wrapped in shrink wrap for safety) lists a basic description of Noa on the back in a few languages. Inside of this box is a nicer hard storage box. Lifting the lid, you’ll find Noa set into a foam liner. Inside the lid is a small pouch with the product registration, instructions, one year warranty, and a small packet of Lelo’s personal moisturizer (or water-based lubricant safe for use with all of Lelo’s products). Under a flap of cardboard next to Noa is a black storage pouch and the USB cable needed to charge Noa. Both the inner box and the pouch are good for storage. I plan on recycling the outer paperboard box.
Noa is a very tiny vibrator. It is made almost completely out of high quality silicone. It’s velvety smooth and has no visible or felt seams on it. The silver band around the larger end of Noa is made out of plastic. As it is in the box, Noa measures 3 ½ inches long. Stretching it out, it measures 6 ½ inches long. The vibrating end measures just over 3 inches around and the smaller end measures just over 2 inches around.

Inside the box.

The only really firm part of Noa is the larger end, which holds the vibrating parts and the rechargeable battery. The other end and the shaft are both squishy and flexible. You can bend Noa pretty much any way you want to, though when you release it, it will return to its original shape. This flexibility makes it very easy for anyone to insert Noa and make it work for their anatomy.
The smaller end of Noa has a slight hook to it to help hold it inside of the wearer. This portion is inserted during intercourse, while the larger end is situated over the clit. Since the shaft of the toy is completely flexible, this is pretty easy to do.
Noa is intended as a couple’s toy that is to be inserted into the vagina while the vibrating end sits over the clit. Its design is meant specifically to work with female genitals. While it can be inserted into the anus, I do not recommend it since it can become lost inside the body. This toy is not limited to strictly male-female couples. Pretty much any couple that has at least one person with female genitals can use this.
This toy is waterproof, making it safe to use in the tub or shower. It’s also small enough and discreet enough for travel if you desire. Most vibrators tend to look very obviously like sex toys. Noa is pretty unique and will leave anyone who finds it scratching their head and wondering what the heck this thing is.
Noa’s vibrations are powered by a small button located on top of the toy. It resembles a Wi-Fi button. Press it once to turn Noa on, and then press it to start up the vibrations. The vibrations come from the larger end of the toy and do not travel very well to the smaller end. You’ll feel them pretty much only on your clit rather than feeling them internally.
The vibrating functions are:
  • Constant vibrations
  • Long pulses
  • Fast pulses
  • Slow build up
  • Wave pattern
  • Random pattern
To turn the toy off, hold the power button for a few seconds.
Compared to other vibrators, the vibrations of Noa are about low to medium. Only a few patterns go higher than low. For that reason, Noa may be a bit too weak for some users. If you’re sensitive the vibrations should suffice.
I personally preferred the fast pulse function. I found the constant vibrations setting to be just too little stimulation. While the vibrations in the pulse function aren’t any higher, the pulse makes them feel just a little more stimulating. I don’t care much for the random setting as I prefer to have a pattern to time movements to and whatnot. Random escalations and pulses just kind of throw me off.
I strongly recommend playing around with positions and Noa. Some, like woman on top, can be a bit uncomfortable. When I am sitting on top of my partner with Noa in between us, my weight just kind of pushes Noa uncomfortably against my clit and pubic bone. Positions where the wearer’s pubic bone and clit are not against something else, like a partner’s body, will be more comfortable. I suggest trying any kind of position where the wearer is entered from behind, like standing or doggy style. If you find that a particular position doesn’t work, experiment a little!
Noa can be washed in a sink with soap and warm water or you can clean it with toy cleaner. I noticed that the vibrating end, which screws off to reveal the charging port, can collect a lot of gunk from use. When you’re done washing Noa, unscrew the vibrating end and use a damp cloth with just a little soap or toy cleaner on it to clean this area out. Don’t submerge the vibrating end while unscrewed as it will wreck the toy! Neither portion is suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher or through boiling.
Noa should be air dried. Wiping it down with a towel will get a lot of lint stuck to it. Once it’s dry, it should be stored in either the box or in the included storage pouch. Silicone toys should not be stored in with other silicone toys without a barrier between them as the materials will be wrecked. For that same reason, do not use silicone-based lubricants with Noa, only water based.

Charging port.

Since this toy is rechargeable, no batteries are needed for it. It is charged via USB cable and must be plugged into a computer for charging. The charging port is located by unscrewing the vibrating end from the silver plastic band. I do have slight concerns behind charging Noa by connecting it to a computer. While it just looks like a little pink bump without the rest of the toy attached, it could raise curiosity from kids or guests if they see it. It is, however, much more discreet than other vibrators that simply charge through a port in the base.
I think Noa would make a nice gift for a partner, especially what with Valentine’s Day coming up. Since this is very small and not intrusive, I think it makes a better gift than other types of vibrators or sex toys, since you don’t really have to worry if Noa will be too large for your partner.
To summarize my opinion of Noa: I find it a unique and enjoyable toy. I like the packaging since I can store Noa in it. I like that it is rechargeable. I like the safety of the material and the ease of use once you get the hang of it. The only thing I really didn’t care for was the lack of power behind the vibrations.  
I give Noa 4 out of 5 stars.
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