09 January, 2013

Review: A Bit Frumpy

Normally, when I think of a robe I don’t think of something sexy. I think of a big, thick, long plush one to put on after taking a shower. However, when looking over some kimonos on EdenFantasys, I found one that would work well with a white chemise I was ordering at the time. I liked the baby pink color so decided to try it out. The kimono also comes in leopard print. It is currently only offered in one size fits most.
The kimono comes packaged in a small box. Both the front and back display a model wearing the kimono. A small corner of the back of the box states a bit of information, such as sizing (one size), material content (100% polyester), and location of manufacturing (China). The care instructions for the kimono are: hand wash cold water, line dry. Do not bleach, iron, or dry clean. Since this comes in a small box and is folded up, I strongly suggest hanging it up in the closet on a hanger before wearing so that any wrinkles flatten out.
As I said before, I ordered the baby pink kimono. It’s made out of silky soft satin material. It’s shiny and kind of clingy. It does not stretch at all. The design of this is not really a traditional kimono. It’s more of a short, belted robe. The bright color of the satin means that dark clothing worn underneath the kimono can be seen through the material.
The kimono is very simple. It is just made out of the satin material, with no additional decorations done in lace or anything. The tie is a thin strip of satin and is removable. Underneath is another tie made out of ribbon which helps hold the sides of the robe together and keeps your body covered. Every robe I have owned has had one of these for modesty. All of the kimono’s trim is done in satin as well.
I think the kimono is very well stitched. The seams are all straight and none of the stitching is coming unraveled. The quality of construction is very high.
This is a pretty difficult piece to measure since it can be adjusted in size through the tie. It measures about 35 inches long from the shoulder to the bottom hem. Since there is no designated area for your breasts, waist, or hips, I can’t provide any information as to measurements for those areas. With the sides of the robe just touching in the front, it measures 42 inches around at all three of these areas. The sleeves are 14 inches long and approximately 19 inches around.
Size Chart (one size fits most):
Dress size: 2 – 14
Cup: B – C
Bust: 32 – 38 inches
Waist: 24 – 32 inches
Hip: 34 – 40 inches
Weight: 90 – 160 pounds
Baci’s size chart information for one size covers sizes small, medium, and large. Since this kimono is only available in OSFM, it will only fit if you fall within the above measurements. I feel the size chart is dead on. Measuring this kimono when laid flat, the sides barely touch at 42 inches around. You will need just a bit of fabric on either side to fully cover your body. As long as your measurements are 40 inches around or under in any given area, this will fit.
I am 5’8” tall, wear a 34B bra, measure 27 inches at my waist, and measure 35 inches around my hips. I wear a size 6 in dresses. I felt this robe fit me well, but very obviously had lots of extra space for someone who measures larger than me. I think if you’re towards the smaller end of the size chart you may feel like you are swimming in the kimono, but for those who wear medium or large in Baci brand lingerie, this will fit very well.
On me, the kimono falls about halfway down to my knees. The sleeves end halfway between my elbows and my wrists. The shoulder seam sits a few inches down my arm from my shoulder. The rest of it can fit me as tightly or as loosely as I would like just by adjusting the ties.
The only thing I don’t care for about the kimono is the fact that it isn’t sexy on me at all. It looks sexy on the model, but once I put it on it didn’t look much different than any other robe I have worn. If the kimono had been sized rather than OSFM it would look much more flattering.
Unlike thicker plush robes, this kimono does nothing to provide me with warmth. It’s not my first choice for something to wear right out of the shower since it doesn’t help dry me off at all. Instead, I prefer to wear it over babydolls and chemises.
The kimono should work well with pretty much any kind of lingerie you’d like. If you’re wearing something longer that will peek out of the bottom, you might want to coordinate the colors since baby pink doesn’t go with everything.
I strongly recommend following the care instructions listed on the packaging. If you have a washing machine that does not have an agitator in the center, it should be fine to send the kimono through the washer on a gentle cycle. If you do so, make sure it goes in the wash with like colors. Line drying would be best for the kimono.
As I said before, your best bet for storage of the kimono is to hang it up. It wrinkles easily and the satin doesn’t look as pretty when wrinkled.
I would consider the kimono to be a good gift. If you’re not giving it to someone you’d give sexy lingerie to, I’d take it out of the box and put it in nicer gift wrapping. The kimono itself is modest, cute, and ideal as a gift, but the box just makes it look like revealing lingerie.
My overall opinion of the satin kimono is really high. It’s well made, the material feels nice and soft, and it does its job. I like the baby pink color. I’m not a fan of the leopard print kimono and would have liked to see more color options. While this isn’t very sexy in appearance, it does its job of covering up lingerie.
I give the satin kimono 4 out of 5 stars.



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