15 January, 2013

Review: Make Life Sweeter!

A while back, I bought my fiancĂ© a couple of books of erotica. The idea was to let him read them and see if he found anything he’d like to try. Whenever I try talking to him about fantasies, he just kind of shuts me out and insists he doesn’t have any. One book of erotica I purchased was Sweet Life 2 edited by Violet Blue. It’s a compilation of erotic fantasies for couples. What better than a book of erotica for couples to open him up?
Of course I ended up reading the book as well. I will read pretty much anything I can get my hands on. I didn’t read the book to get myself off. It was more of curiosity and a lack of books to read. I usually try to read before going to bed to give myself some time to relax and to tire my eyes out a bit.
Sweet Life 2 is a paperback published by Cleis Press. It measures 9 inches tall by 6 inches wide, which seems about average for erotica but is larger than most fiction paperbacks found in bookstores. The stories inside are written by a variety of authors, but the entire compilation is edited by Violet Blue. It was published in 2003 and printed in the United States. The front cover shows a very blurry photo of a couple kissing with the title written over them. Underneath the title is the line “Erotic Fantasies for Couples” and the editor’s name. The back has an almost completely black background with a short introduction to the editor and the book. There is also some praise for Sweet Life 2 written by Lou Paget and Good Vibrations.
Inside, the pages are printed on thick, good quality paper. The font is well spaced and large enough to easily read. The ink does not smudge if it happens to get wet. Sweet Life 2 contains 257 pages.
Sweet Life 2 contains 25 different stories of erotica. All are based on male-female relationships. All except f or one of the characters in the stories are in a serious involved relationship with their partner, there is no sex with strangers or sex against anyone’s will. One story is based off of a key party, where male partygoers fit their keys into locks worn by women to see who they will hook up with.
While each story has a basic theme of male-female couples, each story is unique in the props, scene, and actions regarding the couple. I will provide a basic summary of a few stories to give you an idea of what kind of stories are within Sweet Life 2’s covers.
In Smokin’ in the Boys’ Room by Paul Rosseau, a man and his girlfriend enact a schoolgirl fantasy with him playing the role of headmaster and her playing the role of schoolgirl. She has been caught smoking on campus and is sent to the headmaster’s office for punishment. She is forced to undress in front of him and is spanked. She is then fingered and forced to beg the headmaster to fuck her. The story ends with PIV sex.
In Breakfast in Bed by Emilie Parls, a man delivers breakfast in bed to his girlfriend. Unlike your typical breakfast in bed, this one involves lots of fruit, fingering, vaginal insertion of a banana, and licking the juices of fruit and some whipped cream off of her. It ends with her orgasming from oral sex after she realizes she is breakfast in bed.
In The Real, Real World by Alexandra Michaels, a woman and her boyfriend are watching the show The Real World on TV and decide to come up with their own. They set up a video camera in their bedroom and have PIV sex on the bed in front of it. She has difficulty orgasming due to the camera, however eventually gets over her nerves and reaches orgasm at the end of the story.
In Doing Eighty by Corey Sawyer, a young man is driving down the highway well over the speed limit while dressed in drag. His destination is a club in the city where he will orally pleasure men in exchange for money. He flies by a cop on a motorcycle, who then pulls him over. In order to avoid getting a ticket and points on his driver’s license, he agrees to orally pleasure her strap-on dildo after being humiliated. She forces him to pleasure himself with his hands at the same time. At the end of the story, it is revealed that the cop in the story is the man’s girlfriend or wife (it doesn’t state which; just that she will be at home waiting for him).
The selection of stories within the book is good. Each story is enjoyable in its own way. They are all well written and are very easy to follow. Stories do have some dirty talk in them, but it is pretty tasteful. Phrases are not repetitive in any way, which is something I have encountered with erotica before. There are stories for every reader: humiliation, dominance, dressing in drag, voyeurism, sex toys, strap on dildos, role play, and threesomes. A few stories are a bit more vanilla than some, but the really kinky stories more than make up for it.
Violet Blue’s editing job on the book is excellent. All of the stories are properly worded and do not have any grammatical or spelling issues.
Overall I am pleased with this book. It is the first collection of erotica I have purchased and found it an interesting read. The stories are original and interesting to get caught up in. I found a few that sound like fantasies myself and my fiancé could enact, which I like. I really liked that, while this is a book loaded with kinky sex, the authors make it obvious that the characters really care about each other and fulfilling their needs.
I give Sweet Life 2 5 out of 5 stars.



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