03 January, 2013

Exploring in 2013

Ah, the new year. A time when most people make New Year's resolutions and celebrate with copious amounts of alcohol. I personally don't believe in making a New Year's resolution as people don't tend to take them very seriously. I prefer to make a resolution when I'm not being influenced to make one just because everyone else is. Anyways.

What would I like to do in the new year? Well, we bought a house in November. Thanks to our employer not allowing us to transfer our jobs yet, we haven't moved in yet. This is our first home together. We've had apartments, but living in your own house seems to be much different.

I plan on "breaking in" our new house as soon as we actually have a chance to move in. I've never had sex in a kitchen before but I am curious to see what it would be like. So far we've only ever had sex in our bedroom and once in the living room (kind of).

Too, there's the thought of hiding things like sex swings and furniture throughout our house. Will someone see the hooks for a swing hanging from our ceiling and think we're perverts? I suppose we'll find out.

In our old apartment, we did not have blinds on quite a few windows due to our landlord's inability to care about his tenants. For that reason and because we're not interested in showing the next door neighbors who have kids that we are naked, we never ventured out of our bedroom naked. In our house, who knows when the mood for nudity will strike? Certainly it can happen anywhere, even in our back sun room.

Aside from these thoughts, I only have a few regarding the new year. These are mainly the "normal" mix of wanting to manage our budget better, cook more food at home, and actually get back into working out so I'll fit in my wedding dress. None of that is really interesting though.

Happy New Year!



Marie Rebelle said...

Exciting, a new house together. I look forward to hear about all your adventures in the new house!


Rebel xox

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