05 December, 2012

Wicked Wednesday: I Feel Like Veruca Salt

Want is a pretty powerful word. It indicates a strong desire to own or have something (or someone). A lot comes to mind immediately when considering the word; however for deeper “wants” more consideration is required.
When asked what I want, right now I do have a few “wants”. I want my new house (which we have been slaving away on) to be fully updated and painted. I want my job to transfer to our new area, or better yet, I want to get that job I’ve been waiting for a call back about. I know I interviewed well and the job seems to be pretty good, so I want it. I also want to be married already so I can get all the extra stress and expenses out of the way.
These are all wants I will easily express to my friends and family without fear of embarrassment or humiliation. I do have some others, though, that I don’t really express to anyone other than my fiancĂ©. Even then, I don’t even talk to him about everything.
One of my biggest sexual “wants” is to be completely taken care of without having to lift so much as a finger. I want to just lay back and let him please me. Every time we have sex, I have to put in most of the work to enjoy it. I want to experience multiple orgasms (I usually have at least two) before falling into a peaceful sleep. Sometimes I want to have more than one partner, though not as a threesome. I want a relaxing massage after coming home from work, which may or may not lead to something else.
My list of “wants” (or demands) isn’t all too long. Some of it I may experience once and afterwards no longer desire to have it again. Usually when I want something, I’m pretty quiet about it. Maybe it’s about time I step it up and make my desires heard.

Wicked Wednesday



Marie Rebelle said...

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday!

Reading the above I recognized some of myself in it. I was always shy to say what I wanted, to express it out loud, especially if it was something I wanted for myself. And I am not talking material things. Indeed, you should step it up and make your desires heard. That is the only way other people will know what you are yearning for.

I hope all goes well with the house and the wedding!

Rebel xox

Kazi G said...

As Sir says, if you don't ask for it you're not likely to get it!

~Kazi xxx

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