11 December, 2012

Where DID They Find a Pink Crocodile?!

Last week, I decided I’d spend some affiliate earnings that had just paid out from this sex shop I trust. I checked out some promotions first, wanting to find maybe a good kit or something on sale to buy. I found a build-your-own-kit sale and pretty much went nuts. I originally wanted to get my fiancĂ© a nice male toy kit but did not find anything he would be interested in. Well, there was one thing that I thought he’d like, but I decided to get him a lower priced version of a toy to see if he liked the shape before buying him a luxury model that cost over $100. So, I instead spent my earnings on a kit for myself.
One of the products I chose for my kit was the Devine Toys Carry-On Bag.  The bag is available in silver, pink, and white. I liked both the silver and pink colors, but since silver was out of stock, I went with pink. All three colors come in a crocodile skin print design.
The bag arrived in my gift box wrapped in plastic. Opening it, I found a small piece of paper with the Devine Toys logo on it. The bag does not have any attached tags or any information on how to clean it or what it is. If you took out the Devine Toys slip of paper inside, it would very easily pass as a makeup bag.

The outside of the bag is completely covered in pink crocodile print material. The material is actually PVC, which is a pretty sturdy material. It doesn’t feel much different from purses and makeup bags made out of faux crocodile skin. It’s smooth except where the ridges are and feels kind of soft. It’s also very pliable. The color isn’t just a flat pale pink; it’s more of a pearly metallic pale pink. It looks a bit shiny. All of the seams on the pink bag are visible on the outside and are done in pink thread. The bag looks and feels very well constructed.
At the top of the bag is a pink zipper with a silver zipper pull. Opening it, you’ll see the inside is lined with a shiny canvas material. At the bottom is a removable piece of plastic that is also covered in the pink canvas. This piece gives the bag a flat bottom that allows it to sit down without falling over. If you’d like to remove it to make the bag flatter, it can just be pulled out. It is not held in place with Velcro or anything.
The bag measures about 10 ½ inches wide at the middle. The opening measures 8 inches long and the base measures 9 ½ inches wide. The bag stands about 4 inches tall. It’s as big as a makeup bag or a clutch.
You can store whatever you’d like in the bag: makeup, sex toys, condoms, toiletries, or other little odds and ends. I will most likely be using mine to store toys. I don’t have anything specific to store in it yet, but I am thinking about using it for my small collection of glass toys.
The bag is big enough to fit a few favorites in to take with you when travelling. If you’re like me and have a massive collection of toys, you’re going to need something larger to really make a dent in toy storage. Below is an example of the items I was able to cram into the bag:

I think the Devine Carry-On bag is pretty discreet in appearance. It looks like a makeup bag to me. Unfortunately, it does not have a lock on it, so anyone who wants to know what’s inside just has to unzip the top. I recommend checking out the Devine Toy Box if you’re looking for storage that locks. This bag is small enough to hide in a drawer or under a bed, which does help.
If you need to clean your bag, the outside can be wiped down with a damp cloth. I don’t recommend storing lubes in this. Lube bottles tend to get messy on the outside, which means the inside of the bag will get lube in it. Lube bottles also have a chance of leaking all over the place if they’re tipped over. While it will be possible to spot-clean the inside of the bag, wiping half a bottle of lube out of it will be difficult.
I think this bag would be a good choice for gifting. It does not have to be given under the context of it being a sex toy case. It would work well as a gift if given with a bunch of cosmetics available on EdenFantasys.
Overall, I like this bag. It’s cute. It also is large enough to hold a few favorite toys. While some would prefer if it locked, I like it just the way it is. I don’t have kids or anything and there’s really no telling that I will always use it for storing sex toys. The quality of the bag compared to the price is great. You’re not paying $20 USD for a piece of junk. It’s very well made and will last quite a while.
I give the Devine Carry-On bag 5 out of 5 stars.

product picture
Storage container by DevineToys
Material: PVC



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