13 December, 2012

Something Phallic and Something New

The idea of something new conjurs up both good and bad thoughts and feelings. New boyfriend who likes the same dumb movies as me? Awesome. New glasses with thicker lenses and a heavier prescription? Not so awesome.

It's been quite a while since I've had something fully "new" in my life. Sure, I've gotten new things like sex toys and stuff, but once you've tried a certain design of a sex toy, it's never going to be a "new" experience again.

One thing I remember the new-ness of was my first experience of strap on sex. My fiance had been into anal play for quite a while. He had a bunch of different anal toys, including butt plugs, vibrators, and some huge thing that vaguely resembled a dildo. One thing he didn't actually have was a toy that did all the work for him.

I went ahead and picked out a bright pink leather harness and a new somewhat-phallic dildo. Once I received them, I just kind of played with putting on the harness and dildo to see what the weight was like and how I'd move with it.

Finally the time came to actually use the harness and dildo. I sent him off to the bathroom to get himself lubed up and ready while I got the harness on and the dildo slipped through the O-ring. I slathered on some anal lube and just sat and waited.

When he came back in the room, the first thing we had to do was figure out what position to do it in. As a person who had never wielded a penis before, I did not know how exactly to position myself to put the dildo at the right angle to enter his ass. We settled on doggy-style since it seemed the easiest. He knelt down on the bed and stuck his ass up in the air. I sat behind him on my knees and wiggled myself forward until I was lined up perfectly for entry.

Since the dildo I had chosen was a bit bigger than what he was used to using, I had to take it slow at first. I didn't want to hurt him at all. Once he was "warmed up" I was able to move as I pleased, going from slowly sliding the dildo in to pounding it into him.

This really only lasted for a few minutes, maybe 10 at most, before he orgasmed. He found it incredibly erotic that I had penetrated him. I found it cool that I could swing my penis around and smack stuff with it. I also found out that being the penetrator versus the penetratee means your thigh muscles get tired really quickly.

One last thing I learned from the experience: put a towel down on the bed underneath him so you don't have to strip the bed down afterwards.



Marie Rebelle said...

It sounds like it was an interesting and fun experience for both of you :)

Rebel xox

stellakiink said...

I have a strap-on but haven't used it yet. I am looking forward to it though. Thanks for the heads up, I will have to do some work on my thigh muscles. :)

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