27 December, 2012

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz!

Even though I have a ton of lip balms and lip glosses already, I recently found one I absolutely had to try. X on the Lips is a buzzing lip balm infused with pheromones. PinkCherry describes it as an “electrifying” lip balm. Since it was on sale for $10 I decided I’d give it a try. I love the minty tingle of lip balms and thought I’d really like this one as well.
The lip balm comes packaged in a small white paperboard box. The box proclaims a kissing guide is included with the balm. A brief description of the lip balm says it will trigger attraction, enhance your mood, and give you a mind-blowing sensation. The lip balm is unisex, so really anyone can use it. This product is made by Sensuva and is manufactured in the US.
X on the Lips is a taller, thin stick of lip balm. Removing the cap, the applicator and lip balm are slightly angled to make it easier to apply.  The tube lists some directions for use. Basically, just apply the balm and wait for it to do its work. The tube contains .075 ounces of lip balm. In comparison, my Burt’s Bees lip balm tube contains .15 ounces, which is twice as much product.
Beeswax, Proprietary Essential Oil Blend Including: Sweet Almond Oil, Cinnamon Oil, vitamin E, Rosemary Oil Extract, Androstenone, Androsterone.
I like how simple the ingredient list is. The base is beeswax, which is then mixed with a few essential oils. These are a concentrated oil released by their respective herbs when they are crushed. Essential oils are completely natural. The final two ingredients on the list are the pheromones.
X on the Lips is not colored, so it appears plain off-white in the tube. The color is the same of any natural beeswax lip balm. Applying it, it feels smooth and slightly sticky. It’s not runny or slick feeling at all. Once applied, it does not make lips shinier or glittery. It does plump lips, thanks to the cinnamon in it. Cinnamon irritates the skin on your lips very slightly, which then causes them to swell.
It smells strongly of cinnamon and rosemary to me. I like the fragrance and do agree that it is a unisex fragrance. Licking it, I do not get any flavor, though my tongue will begin to tingle.
When I apply this, I don’t feel anything on my lips right away. At first it just feels like any regular lip balm. After a few minutes of leaving it alone, I start to get a very light tingling sensation. The longer this sits on my lips, the more sensations I feel. At its height, the tingling sensations are pretty intense. My lips really do feel like they are buzzing! It’s a sensation I’ve never experienced before and really like.
X on the Lips is intended to be applied before kissing someone. I put some on, waited a few minutes, and kissed my fiancĂ©. A very light amount of the lip balm transferred to his lips, which then gave him a light tingling sensation. If you want your partner to really feel the tingling, you’ll have to apply some to them as well. He didn’t mind since it is not like glittery pink lip gloss.
Being infused with pheromones, this lip balm is also supposed to work to turn on yourself and/or your partner. I’ve never had any luck with pheromones and those in this product were no different. Reacting to pheromones is different for everyone, so my experience will not necessarily be that of every user. Some may feel an increase in in arousal from using X on the Lips.
To get the most intense buzzing sensation on your lips, you’ll need to exfoliate them first. After you shower, simply use a lip exfoliator on your lips (or a wash cloth) to gently massage away dead skin. The dead skin will get in the way of fully experiencing the buzzing.
As I noted above, the packaging also contains a kissing guide. It’s a small page of paper folded up inside the box. This goes into a brief description of several different types of kisses. The only one I had heard of is the French kiss. The rest seem to be just cute ways to kiss someone using your tongue, teeth, and a few small props. The back of the page also lists the top 10 health benefits of kissing. This is a cute little guide in addition to the lip balm.
If the sensations of X on the Lips prove to be too intense for you, you can wash this off with some soap and warm water. Gently massage a wash cloth over your lips to help get it off.
I think X on the Lips is a pretty good product. It provides intense, yet not burning or painful, sensations on lips that you can share with your partner for a new kissing experience. This stuff is easy to apply, comes in a discreet looking tube, and doesn’t contain a lot of junk ingredients.
I give X on the Lips 5 out of 5 stars.



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