27 December, 2012


As I look to expand my toy collection, I’ve been shopping around on a few different sex toy websites other than my usual haunts. One such site I recently began shopping at is Pink Cherry. I found a couple of things to buy my fiancé for Christmas and decided I’d get myself a couple of things as well since they were on sale. One such product on sale was the BGood by B Swish. A bit tame compared to some of the toys I’ve received recently, but I’m still on the search for that perfect traditional vibe.
BGood is packaged in a black and white paperboard box. I like that it’s informative, but the chick on the front staring into my soul every time I look at the packaging makes it a bit less attractive. She’s clothed, but just seems out of place on the box. The back of the box goes into a brief description of the toy in a few languages. One side lists a few specifications of BGood. It’s made out of ABS plastic and silicone. It takes two AAA batteries (not included). The batteries should last about 3 hours. BGood has 6 vibrating functions. The toy is fully waterproof. At the bottom, the contents of the box are listed as: BGood, one storage pouch, and the instruction booklet.
My first thought upon removing BGood from the inner plastic tray is how heavy it is. Compared to most of my vibrators, this is much heavier. The weight is all in the end that is inserted.
When I ordered BGood, I picked the blue one. I have a ton of pink and purple toys, but almost no blue toys. It’s a shame because I like blue and green colored toys. BGood is also available in pink and orange from PinkCherry. The blue is a nice bright blue, completely matching that of the product photos.
As I mentioned above, BGood is made of ABS plastic and silicone. The base of the toy is all plastic with buttons that feel kind of like velvety plastic. The rest of it is made of silicone. Some traditional vibes made with silicone simply have a thin sleeve of silicone over a plastic body. This one actually has a pretty flexible tip where it’s all silicone. Towards the base it has a plastic body to protect the working parts inside. The silicone has a slightly visible seam; however it cannot be felt during use.
There is no texture to the toy other than the friction that all silicone toys have. Running my fingers over it, the material feels velvety soft.
BGood’s shape is similar to a bat. It’s got a thin shaft that gets larger towards the tip, which then is rounded off. It measures 3 ½ inches around at its smallest and 4 ½ inches around at its largest. In total, BGood measures 8 inches long. 5 ¼ inches of that can be inserted.
BGood’s 6 vibrating functions are powered by the buttons located on the base. Turn the toy on with the on/off button, then select your function with the other button. The six unique functions available on BGood are:
-          Constant low vibrations
-          Constant medium vibrations
-          Constant high vibrations
-          Staggered increase from very low to high with a long pulse of high vibrations
-          Slow high vibration pulses
-          Fast high vibration pulses
Turning the toy off and back on does not save your function; you must cycle through them again to get back to your preferred setting.
The vibrations of BGood are nice and rumbly. When holding the toy your hand will not go numb from use.
BGood is powered by two AAA batteries, which are not included with the toy. They’re supposed to last up to 3 hours in the vibe, which makes it a bit of a battery hog. I suggest using rechargeable batteries to lower the amount of waste.
The noise level of BGood is actually very low. It’s quieter than the sound of my cell phone vibrating. Once you’ve inserted it, it should be virtually silent on all settings.
BGood is also waterproof. The base locks on tightly and also has a small rubber ring to help seal out water. The buttons are made out of one piece of velvety feeling material similar to silicone and will not allow water in. This vibe is safe to take into the tub/shower or submerse in water for cleaning.
Speaking of cleaning, the toy can be cleaned with soap and warm water or a toy cleaner. I suggest leaving it out to air dry as the material attracts a lot of lint. Once it’s dry, I strongly suggest storing it in the included storage pouch to keep it clean. This will also keep it from touching other silicone toys, which can react with each other and be ruined.
This toy is safe to use with water-based lubricants only.
Now that I’ve gotten the technical aspects of the toy out of the way, I’ll go into my actual experience with it and how you can use it.
BGood’s design makes it great for both internal and external use. It can be used vaginally however I do not recommend using it anally since the base is not flared. Externally, it can stimulate any erogenous zone you want. The tip of it is shaped so that it will provide broad stimulation rather than pinpointing a specific area. My fiancé likes it when I use vibrators along his shaft, balls, and around his perineum. You can also tease the outer area around the anus, nipples, and the clit with BGood.
I purchased BGood specifically for the purpose of using it vaginally. I have difficulty using toys with complicated shapes, textures, or large sizes. They often hurt to insert. I liked the smooth, gently curved body of BGood and thought it would work well for me.
Design-wise, I love the shape. It slides into my body comfortably and leaves me feeling full. Unfortunately I find the vibrations to be a bit lacking.
We always start out with any toy at the low setting so we can warm up. My fiancé got BGood lubed up (with freezing cold lube, ugh!) and slowly worked on inserting it. Once it was in all the way he turned it on. I honestly felt absolutely nothing with the first setting. Like, I couldn’t even feel the toy was turned on at all. I could hear it very faintly. I asked him to turn it up just a bit, which he did, and I began to feel some vibrations but not enough to do anything for me. The highest setting was just a hair too low to really leave me feeling stimulated.
I’m not a power queen by any means. The average toy tends to be powerful enough for me on low or medium speeds. BGood would be a good choice for someone who is a bit sensitive towards vibrations however it will not satisfy any power queen. For all-over body use as a massager, this should be fine.
My overall opinion of BGood is that it’s a good toy for the first timer. It’s made out of a safe to use and nonporous material. It’s small enough to hide and it’s quiet enough to use discreetly. The shape and size are not intimidating at all. The packaging and instruction booklet are informative enough for a first timer. At the same time, if you have experience with more than a couple of toys, this may not be enough for you.
Since I did not fully enjoy BGood, I give it 2 out of 5 stars for performance. However, since this is a high quality toy for the price, I am raising that to 3 out of 5 stars.
If you’re interested in purchasing BGood, the following kitt3n-approved retailers have it for sale: EdenFantasys, PinkCherry, and SheVibe.



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