06 November, 2012

TMI Tuesday

TMI Tuesday Blog
This week the questions, from heelsnstocking.blogspot.com, have a moustache theme and a request for you to join in, even if it’s just a little self checking.

1. Ladies…Have you ever kissed a man with a moustache?
Gentlemen… Have you ever had a moustache?

Yes, I have indeed kissed a man with a mustache. My fiance has had one for most of the time we've been dating and engaged.

Did you like it?
Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. When it's too long or just freshly trimmed it's kind of pokey, which hurts my face. Other than that, I don't mind.

2. The say ‘putting on the beard’ means going down on a lady with a full bush. Do you prefer a bearded, trimmed or bald pussy?I don't know. I'm not into women, so I haven't ever been in that situation. I guess whatever suits the owner of the vagina.

3. What’s your preferred style of ‘tashing on’? (snogging)I don't think I have a style. Anything's cool as long as I can breathe and I'm not covered in saliva.

4. When was the last time you cupped yours or anyone else’s testicles?It's been a while, maybe two weeks or so. We've been too busy lately to have much time for each other.

5. If you had a moustache what style would you be and why?Hmm I think I'd go with the Connoissuer (link below). It looks fancy and would probably be as out-of-place in my neck of the woods as I am.

Images for styles

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PaganPrincess said...

THANK YOU for your answer to number two. Yes, relationships are about compromise. But I really feel that the vaginal owner should get to say what her hairstyle should be.

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