18 November, 2012

Slave Monkey

Slave Monkey does exactly what I tell her to do. I tell her to dress up nice for me, and she does. I tell her to lay still and take the pain, and she does. What a nice little Slave Monkey.

Sinful Sunday 



Molly said...

And Slave has some very sexy/kinky outfits too....


Marie Rebelle said...

From the grin on Slave Monkey's face I think (s)he likes it too ;)

Rebel xox

Kazi G said...

Very obedient! and I love the outfit :)

~Kazi xxx

Naughty Tashamber said...

Sexy slave monkey!

Penny said...

This made me lol :)

Yes, THAT Tonya said...

I don't have a slave monkey, but I have a whore monkey. I bet they would like to hang out together! :)

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