16 October, 2012

What Do Vaginas and STDs Have In Common? Not What You're Thinking!

Everyone likes cupcakes, right? They're sooo yummy and conveniently sized to have two, okay maybe four, for dessert. One thing that should never mix: cupcakes and STDs.

I found these photos earlier today when I was browsing the internet. Of course, when you're aimlessly wandering, you find the weird shit you never wanted to see.

Ah, yes.. cupcakes decorated to look like various STDs. Don't they just look scrumptious?

If you're more into healthy looking anatomy, there's always the vagina cupcake.

Me? I think I'll just go with the regular cutesy cupcakes with yummy looking frosting and sprinkles on top. STD awareness is good and all, but not when it comes dangerously close to my stomach.



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