23 October, 2012

Shimmery and Classy!

I'm a major fan of makeup. I don't always wear it, but I do like to have a good variety in my makeup bag. One thing I buy a lot of is eyeshadow. I have oily skin and it's difficult for me to find an eyeshadow that doesn’t crease. Most of the ones that claim to be crease proof end up being the opposite for me. When I saw this sex shop I trust began carrying Bella Il Fiore’s makeup, I had to try it out. Especially when I saw there was roller ball eyeshadow. There are two shades of this shadow to choose from: St. Tropez and Monet. I chose to try out Monet first.
The eyeshadow comes packaged in a tiny paperboard box with a cutout window on the front. It actually took me a while to find the eyeshadow in the box underneath all of the brown packing paper. The box measures about 2 ½ inches by 2 ½ inches. It’s very attractive packaging. It’s done up in gold and pale pink. The back has very basic instructions for use. This would make a great gift. The packaging in no way says I got it from a sex toy store.
Eyeshadow compared to a lip balm tube.
Inside are four small rollerball eyeshadow bottles. Each glass bottle is about 2 ½ inches tall. The rollerball top has a gold metallic screw on lid. The bottle itself is clear and decorated with gold flowers and swirls. Each bottle has the Bella Il Fiore logo on it. The bottom of the bottle has the shade and manufacturer’s web site. Each bottle holds .06 ounces of eyeshadow.
Monet comes with four different colors: halo, left bank, luna, and pretty pink. I’ll try my best to describe the colors:
Halo: Peachy and pale. It’s about the shade of Caucasian skin. It has hints of pink to it and has lots of pink shimmer. It’s a good color to use around the edges of the other shades or out towards your eyebrows.
Left Bank: This one is a darker brown. In the bottle, it almost looks like cocoa powder. On skin it is a nice deep bronze. The bits of shimmer in it are silver. This one is good to use for definition. This is my least favorite shade.
Luna: This shade is very pale silver, almost white. It has silver shimmer. This shade is good for highlighting and putting at the corners of your eyes to make them appear larger. This is my second favorite shade.
Pretty Pink: This is a very light, subtle pink. It looks darker in the bottle than it does on skin. On my skin, the pink is less noticeable than the shimmer. The shimmer is pink. This shade is good to use as either the main color on your eyelids or as a highlighting color. Because of how natural and pretty this color looks against my skin, it’s my favorite.
These can be applied any way you want. Any combination of the colors can be used to create a number of looks. You can follow this guide to applying eyeshadow quads. I recommend using them over a primer, which will hold the eyeshadow in place better.
To apply, you simply roll the rollerball tip over your eyelid. You then blend in the eyeshadow with your fingertips or a brush. Sometimes the rollerball does not release any eyeshadow.  When that happens, simply tap the glass bottle to loosen the powder. I’ve noticed that the load of eyeshadow after tapping the bottle tends to be very heavy.
When I apply the eyeshadow, I typically use just one shade and a couple of shades from other sets to highlight. A few times I have used the pretty pink and halo shades together, with halo up underneath my eyebrows. I think small details, like placing just a tiny bit of luna in the corners of your eyes, are difficult and best left to eyeshadow that comes in a cake.
I’ve noticed the eyeshadows are a bit messy on your under-eye area. When I apply this, I always have to go back over my cheekbones and under my eyes with a damp cloth to pick up small piles of eyeshadow and shimmer.
This stuff does apply more shimmery and colorful than most other eyeshadow. I’ve found that with other products, I have to foil them rather than simply brush them on to get lots of color and shimmer. Foiling is applying the shadow with a drop of water or eye drops rubbed into the bristles of your eye brush. These shades come out looking like a foiled eyeshadow, minus the extra effort.

Pretty pink on my eyelid with halo up underneath my eyebrow. Luna is in the corner of my eye.

These last for a pretty good length of time. Like I said, I have oily skin. Even using a good primer before I apply eyeshadow, I get creases after about 6 hours of wear. I have worn the eyeshadow to work a few times now and it looks mostly okay when I get home from work. My shifts are 9 hours long, so I’m gone for about 10 hours or so. By that time, the eyeshadow will have some creasing, but not enough to make it look bad or anything. Simply wiping it gently with a clean brush flattens it back out again.
If you decide you want to wash the eyeshadow off, soap and warm water will be fine, as will any makeup remover pads.
I think this set of eyeshadow would make a great gift for a makeup lover. The price tag on them is $14.99, which is pretty good for a set of four shades. I typically pay about $6 for one decent shade of eyeshadow of similar quality. The shades are all very natural and should work with any complexion and eye color. They brighten up eyes and compliment them very well.
I’m impressed with this set. For the price, I got four excellent quality eyeshadows. I like most of the shades, with the exception being left bank, which gives my eyes a sort of bruised look if more than a tiny bit is used. I’m sure I will find a way to use it in moderation. The other three shades are great for me. This stuff is long lasting and easy enough to apply, though I do prefer cakes due to the ease of control over the amount I get on me.
I give Bella Il Fiore’s Monet eyeshadow set 4 out of 5 stars.

product picture
Eye shadow by Bella Il Fiore



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