11 October, 2012

Help! Where Do I Hide My Hoard of Sex Toys?!

When you start to amass quite the collection of sex toys, you'll run into a slight issue: where the heck do you put all of it?

You may have noticed many companies offer special storage for sex toys. You can buy padded pouches for glass toys, cute little boxes to hold your condoms, and locking cases to hold a few toys. As attractive as many of these containers are, they're pretty expensive. I've often seen little bitty containers going for upwards of $30.

So how do you store sex toys in a manner that is efficient, attractive, and wallet-friendly?

There's no right way to store sex toys. Everyone's got a different system for sorting toys (or not sorting them!) and may find another person's system completely confusing.

I store my toys in several different containers. I like knowing where exactly a toy is so I'm not searching for it for hours.

I bought several Sterilite brand storage totes from Wal-Mart. We use several of these containers in our house as it is, so I decided to color code my sex toy storage containers. All of them are see-through pink containers that are slim enough to fit under my bed. I believe each container only cost me $3 or $4. I've found that the best deals on storage containers tends to be around the Back to School season and Christmas time.

I have three of these pink storage totes. Each one is sorted by the function or type of toy. One tote is dedicated entirely to my fiance's stuff: masturbation creams/lotions, masturbation sleeves, anal toys, and c-rings. Another tote contains many of my vibrators, including g-spot vibrators, traditional vibrators, bullets, eggs, and external massagers. The final tote contains the more sensual stuff we have: body paints, lotions, massage creams/oils, and manual massagers.

From there, it gets slightly more complicated. When I first started buying and reviewing sex toys, my collection never got past the first three Sterilite containers. As my collection expanded, so did my need for storage.

To house my lubes, I bought a Caboodles brand train case.  The sides of it have lots of little loops of elastic and pouches that are great for holding smaller bottles and packets. Most retail stores have similar makeup storage containers. You can usually find a cheap plastic train case for less than $10. I wanted one with pouches, so mine ended up costing about $18.

For condom storage, I have a DevineToys Condom Cube. This sits next to the bed where it is easily reached. Since it can't hold all of my condoms, I also have a cardboard box from another product that I use to hold the rest.
I like keeping my favorite stuff close by so I don't have to go rooting through boxes when I'm in the mood. I keep these in my DevineToys toy box. It's big enough for me to hold at least 10 different items at a time. It's also attractive enough to sit next to my bed. This case is the only locking storage I have. Locks aren't much of a big deal to me because I don't have kids or snoopy parents.
Finally, I went out and bought a storage trunk. I'd been eyeing the DevineToys playchest but $110 is a bit much for me. Instead, I bought an attractive looking trunk at Hobby Lobby. The regular price tag on the trunk I chose was around $50 or $60, however I managed to snag one when they were on sale for 40% off. Hobby Lobby tends to put their storage trunks and boxes on sale frequently, so getting one at the sale price is pretty easy. You can even coordinate your storage with Hobby Lobby's boxes. Most colors/designs are offered in multiple shapes and sizes.
My trunk does not have any pouches or anything to help sort toys, so instead I use old packaging from toys I've received. Some toys come in really nice boxes that I just can't bear to throw out.

Currently, my trunk houses my collection of glass toys, one of my harnesses and all of my strap on dildos, my kegel balls, and my bulkier toys. The trunk does not lock, but it's pretty average in appearance. The DevineToys boxes, to me, look a little too interesting and are just begging to be opened. My trunk is something the eyes settle on momentarily, then move on to something else.
So there's my current layout for toy storage. It's efficient for me since my less favorite toys are hidden out of sight under my bed and my favorite things are kept out where I can easily dig through them. Most of my storage containers can be converted to store other things, too, should I decide to change my system. Best of all, my wallet isn't sobbing and asking me to stop spending so much money on storage!



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