23 October, 2012


While I don’t necessarily need them, I like to buy new styles of stockings and pantyhose when they first become available for sale. True, I’ve been a homebody for a while now and don’t actually go anywhere where I’d be wearing such things, but I do like to see what they’re like. One new pair of stockings I purchased is Coquette’s Cuban heel stockings with backseam. The stockings were purchased from this sex shop I trust. They come in only one size fits most.
The stockings are packaged much like other stockings. They come in a paperboard sleeve and are wrapped around a sheet of paperboard. The outer sleeve is wrapped in a cellophane bag. The packaging is not ideal for storage, mainly because the outer sleeve opens up like a greeting card and because putting the stockings back in the bag would be a pain. The back of the packaging gives just a little bit of information. These should be hand washed and hung up to dry. Do not iron them or throw them in the washer or dryer. The packaging is fully recyclable. These are made in China.
Unlike most stocking packages, Coquette does not actually list the material content of the stockings on this. The only thing I can say is that they’re made out of nylon. There’s really no way to guess how much (if any) spandex was used to make the stockings. Coquette also does not provide any sizing information for these.
These are probably the most unique pair of stockings I currently have. Most of each stocking is made of opaque black material. The top band, toe, heel, bottom of the foot, and the backseam are made out of opaque red material. As the material stretches, it does lose its opacity. The material feels soft to the touch and isn’t much different from the material in most stockings and pantyhose. It’s very stretchy. When I stretch the material and let go of it, it does not return to its original shape. It remains bagged out.
The toe area of the stocking is reinforced. The heel and bottom of foot areas are not.
The fit of the stockings is actually really good. I’d have to say, these are the most comfortable stockings I’ve ever put on. They feel soft and smooth against my skin and don’t feel constricting in any way. I’m able to pull the stockings up most of my legs without any issues.
The top band isn’t that great. It’s just the nylon doubled over, there’s no elastic or silicone band. Walking around my room a bit with the stockings on, they did not fall down but the top band did roll down a bit. If you’re going to be doing a bit of moving around, I suggest wearing a garter belt. If you’re mostly going to be sitting around, they’ll be fine on their own.
I was a bit concerned at first that the heel area would not match up correctly with my feet. I wear US women’s size 10 in shoes, which is pretty big. Fortunately, the material stretched enough for the heel area to sit properly on my heel.
Since Coquette provided absolutely nothing regarding sizing for these, it’s really hard to base an idea for sizing off of these. I think if you wear a size small, medium, or large in Coquette’s lingerie, you should definitely fit in these. If it helps, I’m 5’8” and weigh about 140 lbs. I have pretty muscular calves and my thighs measure 21 inches around where the top of the stockings sit. The material is very stretchy and easy to work with, so it doesn’t cause muffin tops or anything.
When I put these on, they are not fully opaque, however most opaque tights and stockings are not. They’re mainly black but just a tiny bit see-through. The more the material stretches, the more see-through it becomes.
I found that these match best with a shiny black pair of heels I bought at Kmart and a shiny red pair I bought at Maurice’s in the mall. I think since the style of the stocking is a bit flashier than most that a slightly flashier shoe goes best with them. Any style of dress or lingerie in black or red should look good with these.
I strongly recommend following the care instructions for these. I would not wring them out when they dry because that will cause the material to bag out more.
Overall, I really like these stockings. They’re the most comfortable pair I own yet, and the most unique. They look great with what few pairs of high heeled shoes I have. The only thing I don’t like is the lack of a description of the material and the fact that these bag out rather than returning to their shape. From my experience, stockings that bag out do not last nearly as long as those that retain their shape, since they tend to look bad much more quickly.
I give the Cuban heel stockings with backseam 4 out of 5 stars.

product picture
Stockings by Coquette
Material: Nylon



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