09 September, 2012

So Shiny!

I am a huge fan of shiny things, especially if they are red, purple or pink. I’ve also been getting more into wearing leggings lately rather than jeans. I wear jeans to work every day and they just get to be so boring to put on. On my search for some decent leggings to try, I found the Menton leggings by ForPlay. These shiny red foil leggings are available in sizes extra small up to large. I purchased the leggings in size medium.
The leggings arrived wrapped in some plastic. They have a ForPlay hang tag attached to them. The tag doesn’t have any information on it at all. Inside of the leggings is a small tag that states the material content as 92% polyester, 8% spandex. Care instructions are: hand wash cold water and do not bleach. These can be dry cleaned as well. No information is given on how to dry these, but I think they should be hung up to dry. A dryer may flake off the red foiling. These are made in the USA.
These are a pretty unique pair of leggings. Most leggings are made of very soft and stretchy cotton. These are instead made of a very thin, smooth fabric. As it stretches the material becomes a bit more see through. I wouldn’t say this is a super delicate material, but the thinness of the material just makes it feel like the leggings should be treated with care. The material is also very loud when rubbing against itself. It’s kind of like the noise sleeping bags make but not nearly as loud.
As leggings, they do not have pockets in the front. There are two pockets on the butt that have some red thread detailing to them. The pockets are sewn on very well. Unlike some leggings I have had, these actually function as pockets. They are not for decoration only.
There is a seam running from the middle of the front underneath and up the back. Each leg also has a seam running up the inside of it. Each seam feels pretty well done. The waistband has a band of elastic sewn into it which makes it super stretchy. The bottom of each leg is hemmed.
One thing I noticed about the material is the appearance of the red foiling in relation to how much the material has been stretched. The more it stretches, the worse the foiling looks. It gets this look like its running or the foil is flaking off. You’ll need to make sure to order the correct size for your body, not a size down. Otherwise, the pants will not look their greatest.
Waistband (unstretched/stretched): 26/38 inches
Length: 33 ½ inches
Thigh (unstretched/stretched): 18/22 inches
Calf (unstretched/stretched): 12/18 inches
Ankle (unstretched/stretched): 10/14 inches
I ordered the size medium leggings. I haven’t had a whole lot of experience with ForPlay’s lingerie so I didn’t know what exactly to expect. I wanted the leggings to fit comfortably, not skin tight. I also have a 33 inch inseam and wanted to make sure these were long enough for me. Most regular length pants are too short for me.
ForPlay Size Chart (Medium):
Dress size: 6 – 9
Waist: 26 – 28 inches
Hip: 36 – 38 inches
Inseam: 33 inches
Rise: 7 ½ – 8 inches
Weight: 115 – 135 pounds
Looking at their size chart, I don’t really fit into one size specifically. My waist measures 27 inches and my hips measure 35 inches. I’m 5’8” and have an inseam of 33 inches. I weigh about 140 pounds. I wear anywhere from 5 to 8 in dresses, depending on the cut.
Pulling these on, I noticed they’re about the same in fit as other leggings I have. I have one pair that is one size fits most that fits almost exactly the same as these. The calf area felt a bit tight on me, which is typical with skinny jeans and leggings for me. I have large, muscular calves. The thigh area was just a tiny bit too tight, though I do have pretty chunky thighs. While these areas are tight, they’re not uncomfortably so. Unfortunately the waistband did not continue the trend of fitting tightly to my body. It was a bit baggy.
I did not notice any issue with the waistband causing a muffin top. I did notice a few spots where my underwear created lines, but I was wearing lace trimmed ones with bows and stuff on them. I think a regular seamless panty would not cause any lines.
Remember when I mentioned that the material becomes a bit see-through if stretched? I noticed that the tag sewn into the leggings could clearly be seen through the material when I was wearing the leggings. I was not able to see my black panties through them, however. I think a nude, black, or red pair of panties should be fine to wear underneath these, however crazy colors and white will definitely stick out.

The tag is right along the middle seam.
The leggings compare very well with what the size chart quotes. While the waistband of these fit a bit too loose on me, it feels like adding an inch or two to my hips would make them fit perfectly. They were long enough for my legs.
One of my biggest concerns for these leggings is what to wear with them. When I wear leggings I usually wear them with a longer top. I think these would look good with a black, gray, or white top. They look kind of like 80’s punk to me, so maybe a band t-shirt or something like that would work well. As far as shoes, I’d go with a black high heeled shoe or boot that only goes to the ankle. I didn’t care for the look of these with my knee-high black boots. I don’t currently have anything I’d wear with them, unfortunately.  
I’d like to note here that I have a purse made out of a similar material. It is purple foiled. I’ve had it for maybe a year and a half now and have been using it off and on for that long. Despite the beating it’s taken, the foiling hasn’t flaked off or anything. I have not had the leggings for very long, however I do expect them to also last pretty long. I think as long as you care for them properly and don’t sit on rough surfaces like concrete with them or anything the material should last.
My overall opinion of the leggings is really high. I love the look of these. They’re a great addition to lingerie and regular clothing if you can find something to wear them with. I would have liked to see this sex shop I trust carry some more of ForPlay’s clothing, especially since they’re made in the USA. I think the price is a bit high for just a pair of leggings at $38.99, however they’re a pretty good quality. The material has some stretch to it, it hugs curves, and the red finish flatters legs. Unfortunately these are see through and would have benefitted from a thicker layer of material.
I give the Menton leggings 4 out of 5 stars.



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