18 September, 2012

Oooh, Frilly Things!

Whenever I happen to find sexy panties that are both full-back and have a crotch, I make sure to grab them up as quickly as I can. I like sexy panties, but at the same time I want something comfortable and something I can wear underneath clothing on a daily basis. Looking at the Baci flower lace boyshort, I thought it would be a perfect fit for my needs. The boyshort is available in sizes small/medium and medium/large. I chose the small/medium. The panty was purchased from this sex shop I trust.
The panty comes packaged in one of Baci’s usual paperboard boxes. The front and the back show a model wearing the panty and the matching bra. The corner of the back has a bit of information on it. The panty is made out of 90% nylon and 10% spandex. It can be machine washed in warm water with like colors and can be bleached with color-safe bleach if necessary. It can also be thrown in the dryer and tumble dried on low heat or you can drip dry it. Do not dry clean it. The panty is made in China. A tag inside the panty lists this same information.
The first thing I noticed after removing the panty from the packaging was how soft the material feels. This has to be the softest pair of lace panties I have ever felt. It’s made out of a red lace and mesh material with super soft flowers and lace trim on it. Each leg is trimmed with lace and ribbon detailing. At the elastic waistband is a tiny red ribbon bow. Inside of the panty is a red cotton liner. At the back is a ribbon tag that can be removed if desired.
Unlike the product photos, these are a true, bright red. The photos make the color look a bit darker, but that is just an effect applied by the photographer.
These are supposed to be a boyshort panty cut panty. I have noticed a trend with most “boyshort” sexy panties I’ve purchased online. Most of them are actually a bikini or hipster cut. I’d consider these a hipster style. They sit low on your hips and offer full coverage in both the front and the back. They cut a bit higher in the back to really show off your butt; however they do not cut as high as a cheeky boyshort does. I like that there are only seams on the sides of the hips. A lot of lace panties seem to have a seam up the front and back, which feels pretty uncomfortable during wear. Putting the seams on the sides makes the panty much more comfortable.

See-through lace.
Waistband (unstretched/stretched): 24/42 inches around
Hip (unstretched/stretched): 26/44 inches around
Leg openings (unstretched/stretched): 18/26 inches around
Height: 8 inches
Length of panty liner: 4 inches
I did notice one small issue with the construction of these. Everything’s sewn together very well except for the panty liner. One side has some extra fabric hanging off of it and the other seems to be stitched just a bit too close to the edge of the liner. The liner could have been better centered. As it is, it works fine as a liner and is not noticeable unless I hold the liner right up to my face. There were a few loose threads hanging here and there, which I trimmed off without any issue.

Enlarge to see the pantyliner. It's easy to see how off-center it is on the bottom.
As I said before, these are available in sizes small/medium and medium/large. I chose the small/medium. I usually wear a size 5 in panties. When I go to Victoria’s Secret, I purchase the size small panties.
Size Chart (Small/Medium):
Hip: 34 – 36
Rise: 7 ½ - 8
Weight: 90 – 130 pounds
I fall within the indicated size chart for this size. My hips measure 35 inches around at their fullest point. I don’t feel any other measurement is important in any way. I weigh about 140 pounds and these fit me just fine, despite me being 10 pounds over their suggested weight.
When I put these on, I felt they fit me perfectly. They weren’t too loose and they weren’t too tight. The fabric has lots of stretch to it, so someone a bit bigger than me will fit into these easily. I liked how these fit my butt and how they went up high enough on my hips. I don’t like super low rise panties and I hate the ones that don’t cover my butt very well.
I think these should work well with any red lace lingerie or bras. Since they’re comfortable, they’ll work well for an everyday panty. I’d like to see the bra at some point, though I don’t know if I’d purchase it. I’m very picky about my bras.
My overall opinion of the boyshort panty is pretty high. I love the color and how soft the material feels. I like that the panty offers coverage, yet is extremely sexy. The price tag is a bit high, but the quality of the lace is so much better than that of cheaper lace panties. The only con I can think of is the off-center sewing of the panty liner.
I give the red flower lace boyshort 5 out of 5 stars.



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