23 September, 2012

Holy Pink!

Despite my actual need for them, I am constantly ordering panties. I have panties in all sorts of colors and materials that match pretty much every piece of lingerie I own. Recently a new line of DreamGirl panties were added on EdenFantasys in some bright and cute colors. Even though they were open crotch (which I’m not much of a fan of) I decided I’d try a pair out. The colors available are: hot pink, iris, turquoise, coral, and lime. The panties are available in sizes small through 3X/4X. I chose the hot pink pair in size small.
The panties arrived wrapped in cellophane and packaged in a paperboard sleeve. The sleeve shows a model wearing the panties and has a bit of information. The back states that the size small panties should fit those between 90 and 120 pounds. Thankfully the tag inside the panty has a bit more information. These are made of 90% nylon and 10% spandex. They should be hand washed in cold water and line dried. Do not bleach them. The panties are made in China. If desired, the packaging can be recycled.
While removing these from the packaging, I noticed two things: wow, these are pink, and wow, they’re soft! The lace feels so soft to the touch. It’s also a really hot pink. Most companies list this color as neon pink. It’s like the kind of color you wear when you’re jogging so that drivers notice you and don’t run you over.

This is the actual color you will receive.
These are constructed mainly out of the hot pink floral lace. It’s a soft, stretchy, see through material. The waistband is made out of hot pink elastic. Attached to it are two black ribbon bows. The one in the front is made out of thin ribbon while the one in the back is made out of much thicker ribbon. The seams run up the front and back of the panty. The crotch portion is sewn onto the front and back panels. It’s made up of two panels, one of which lays over the other. The panels have large scalloped edges and come apart so that you can have sex in these. They don’t snap together or anything, the one just kind of lays flat on top of the other.
The quality of the panty isn’t very good. Right out of the packaging I noticed loose, hanging threads galore and some fraying to the lace’s scalloped edge and floral designs. Because of this, I strongly suggest hand washing these and hanging them up to dry. The agitator in a top loading washer, as well as other clothing in the washer or dryer, will rip these up.
Waistband (unstretched/stretched): 27/39 inches around
Hip (unstretched/stretched): 32/40 inches around
Rise: 6 inches
Leg opening (unstretched/stretched): 22/34 inches around
These fit like most boyshort panties do. They sit on my hips. The sides fall down to my upper thighs, rather than cutting up above them. I did notice that the open crotch extends up high enough to allow for anal penetration with these still on. The slit begins right at the beginning of my labia. Unfortunately, the open crotch is just a little bit too long to fit properly in this size panty. You’ll see on the product photos that the crotch looks a little baggy on the model. In the back, the material is cut to really show off my butt while still being comfortable.
Like I said before, I ordered the size small. Here is the size chart for that particular size:
Hip: 34 – 36 inches
Weight: 90 – 120 pounds
The only important measurement regarding your decision of which size to order is the hip measurement. If your hips aren’t within the size range provided, these may not fit very well. Fortunately, DreamGirl offers these panties in enough sizes to fit almost everyone.
My hips measure 35 inches around at their fullest point. I was able to slip these on very comfortably. They felt like they fit me properly, with the exception of the saggy crotch. The waistband did not dig into my skin and cause a muffin top. I think if you measure between 34 and 37 inches at your hips the size small should fit.
I rarely follow the weight “sizing” for clothing. I weigh 140 pounds, 20 over the suggested weight for these, and fit in them just fine. I fit in size small or 5 in most underwear, including those at Victoria’s Secret.
I like these panties. They’re comfortable and easy to wear underneath clothing, even with the added ribbon bows. I love the obnoxious hot pink color. The only cons about them are the frayed material/loose threads and the fact that the crotch is baggy. However, for the price, these are decent. Most panties at $5 or less are made out of rough, uncomfortable lace.
I’m considering ordering another pair, but I really do need to stop. I have at least 20 pairs of sexy panties I don’t wear very often as it is. Add in the ones I don’t like and the regular underwear I have and I could probably go for at least 2 months without washing underwear.
I give the open crotch boyshort 4 out of 5 stars.



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