11 September, 2012

Free Toys Just For Shopping!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

I love having a wide selection of sex toys and gear around me. Being able to pick and choose what I want to use at any point is amazing. Unfortunately, collecting all of this stuff gets to be pretty pricey. So, what can you do to help offset the costs of all those new toys you want?

EdenFantasys offers a unique program to their customers: the EdenPoints program. How does it work? You simply join the site, fill out your profile, and begin earning points by shopping the site. You'll earn points for creating wishlists, adding products to those wishlists, and voting on those products once you’ve purchased them.

In addition, you can participate on the EdenFantasys forums. There, you can ask and answer a wide variety of questions from people all over the world. You can even join in on discussions with manufacturers and stars from adult films! All the while, you’ll be earning a generous discount off of any purchase.

If you’d like to try a hand at writing, you can even join in on the fun of writing product reviews or contributing articles to SexIs! Your opinion matters, so get it out there!

Points have no expiration date. Unlike many shops, there’s no minimum balance to cash out. Only want to use $1 in points off of your purchase? You can! Or, you can save up all your points for a huge discount off your order.

There are no gimmicks or fees, just free stuff! You can check out the EdenFantasys EdenPoints program here. Happy shopping!



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