23 September, 2012

Fancy Pants

I really like the look of the Wet Look lingerie by Coquette. After having reviewed a Wet Look corset, which I loved, I decided I’d try a matching bottom. I had a few styles to choose from and settled on just a plain booty short. The booty short comes in sizes one size fits most and plus size. I purchased the booty shorts from this sex shop I trust.
The booty shorts arrive packaged in a plain cellophane bag with some silica gel packets in there as well to preserve them against moisture. Inside the bag, the booty short has a tag attached to it with a safety pin. The tag displays a model wearing the booty short as well as a few Wet Look accessories. On the back of the tag, a bit of information can be found. These should be hand washed and drip dried. Do not bleach them or put them in the dryer. Not even on a tumble dry setting. The tag inside the booty short lists the material content as 80% nylon and 20% spandex. The panty is made in China.
Unlike most boyshorts and booty shorts I’ve purchased from Coquette, these are actually a booty short cut. Most seem to be a mislabeled hipster or bikini style panty. These are cut so that they sit on your upper thighs like a small pair of shorts. They sit low on the hips, too. The back offers full coverage of your booty but the material is cut to really show it off.
I like the feel of the material. It doesn’t feel like the other Wet Look piece I have, which is really shiny and smooth. These aren’t super slick feeling and aren’t nearly as shiny. They do feel smooth and have some shine to them. The material is kind of hard to describe. It’s very stretchy and comfortable against skin. The outside has a slightly sticky feel to it and will kind of stick to itself. It’s a pretty unique feeling material. The inside feels like just smooth, soft nylon. I think if the outside material were on the inside as well, you’d have issues with this sticking to skin, kind of like leather car seats. The weave of the material gives the outside of it a textured appearance.
These are just a plain booty short. The waistband is simply folded over and stitched material with no elastic band underneath, as are the leg openings. There is a seam running up the middle of the front and back through the crotch. There is a small, black, diamond-shaped panty liner in the crotch. Other than that, there aren’t any features to the booty short at all.
Waist (unstretched/stretched): 28/42 inches around
Hip (unstretched/stretched): 32/44 inches around
Leg opening (unstretched/stretched): 25/34 inches around
Rise: 7 ½ inches
Length of panty liner: 4 ½ inches
Like I said before, these are a one size fits most pair of panties. I’m not particularly a fan of one size fits most panties because butts and hips come in all shapes and sizes. Sized panties tend to work out better for me. Here’s the size chart information for one size fits most by Coquette:
Size Chart:
Waist: 26 – 32 inches
Hip: 36 – 42 inches
Really, the waist measurement isn’t even necessary at all. These don’t go up high enough to sit at your waist. The only measurement you should focus on is the hip measurement when determining whether to get this size or the plus size. Unfortunately, the chart for plus size starts at a hip measurement of 48 inches so there’s a 6 inch gap between the two.
I personally measure 35 inches over the fullest part of my hips. Typically I purchase US size 5 or small in panties. Some brands (like Fruit of the Loom packaged underwear) fit a bit too big for me at that size, but Victoria’s Secret panties fit just fine. I didn’t really pay attention to the size chart when ordering these since I didn’t have to pick a size. Looking at it now, I measure an inch smaller than what the size chart indicates for one size clothing. I think these should fit as small as a 33 inch hip without any issues.
These fit me pretty well. They cover my butt in a way I like. They’re not too low rise in the front or back. They sit right at my hips where I normally wear my panties. The back feels nice and tight against my butt, which is flattering to my body. The waist area holds on pretty well despite the lack of an elastic waistband. I like that the leg area isn’t tight. It’s a bit looser and gives me more freedom and comfort.
I think these should stretch to fit up to hips measuring 44 inches. Above that, you’ll have to take a chance and see if the plus size pair fits.
I think these will pair up nicely with lots of different clothing. They’ll match any other piece out of Coquette’s Wet Look line. I think they’ll also match any lingerie that has a satiny shine to it. Since there’s really no detailing to these, they’ll fit underneath clothing just fine. You may have panty lines with leggings, but that would happen with any kind of boyshort-style panty.
I would love to see these available in other colors. If there was a red or pink pair available, I’d definitely buy them.
I honestly have no real complaints about these panties. They fit me well despite me being a bit under the size chart. They’re flattering to my butt and match with my lingerie well. I can even wear them underneath regular clothing if I want. The only thing I would suggest to Coquette is to offer these in each size rather than one size fits most. While they fit me fine, they probably will not fit everyone well.
I give the Wet Look booty short 5 out of 5 stars.



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