12 August, 2012

These Are My Sexy Gloves

I have wanted to try elbow length gloves for quite a while now. I think they look cute and classy. Unfortunately, I can never seem to find a pair that looks nice and isn’t expensive. Recently, this sex shop I trust began carrying satin Lycra gloves. The gloves are available in black and red. I went with black since I figured I would be able to match the gloves up with more lingerie and costumes since black goes with everything.
The gloves come packaged in a pretty plain cellophane bag stapled to a piece of cardboard. The packaging is just meant for displaying the gloves on a hook; it’s not very informative. Inside the packaging, the gloves are placed on cardboard forms so that they keep their shape. A tag inside one of the gloves states these are made of 12% spandex and 88% nylon. They are made in China. No care instructions are included.
These are made out of a very soft, shiny satin material. It’s also very stretchy. This material feels just as soft as regular satin. I absolutely love just playing with the material because of the softness. My fiancĂ© likes the feel of it on his face. Each glove is elbow length. There are seams underneath each finger and along the outside of the glove. The thumbs are sewn onto the rest of the glove, which I find a bit uncomfortable feeling on my thumb. The stitching is very high quality and neither glove has any issue regarding construction.
When I first put the gloves on, I noticed that my fingers are way too long for these. The area between each finger of the glove is about a quarter of an inch up from where it should be sitting. The length of each finger is between 2 ½ inches and 3 inches. The pinky finger is the shortest, with the index and middle fingers measuring 2 ¾ inches each, and the ring finger measures 3 inches. The thumb also measures 3 inches. My fingers range in length from 3 to 4 inches long. I have slim fingers and do not have any issue with the width of each finger, just the length. Despite the fact that the material is stretchy, it doesn’t make up for the extra length I need on each finger.
Each glove measures 21 ½ inches long. On me, this is long enough to 4 inches past my elbow. Aside from the length of each finger, the gloves fit pretty well. They fit snugly against my skin, except for my wrists. The wrist area of each glove is visibly baggy. My wrists measure 6 inches around. At the top of each glove, I do not have an issue with them digging into my upper arms. My upper arms measure about 10 ½ inches around where the gloves end.
For one size fits most, I think these fit okay. If your upper arm measures more than 13 ½ inches around the gloves will dig into your arms and will give you a muffin top. I think I would have preferred sized gloves. I am able to fit into medium sized winter and food-handling gloves easily because they offer the length I need for my fingers.
These gloves are the perfect accessory for lingerie and costumes. I love the look of these with corsets, especially the more detailed ones. This is one of my favorite corsets and I think the gloves match it perfectly. A costume that immediately comes to mind as one that works well with long gloves is the flapper dress.
Cleaning these can be pretty simple. I would hand wash them in the sink with a gentle detergent if they become soiled. Spot cleaning them with a damp and slightly soapy rag can also work. I do not think I would throw them in the washing machine.
I keep my gloves in a storage box with other accessories. They can also be folded and put away with clothing. I have not noticed any issue with the gloves becoming wrinkly during storage.
My overall opinion of these gloves is pretty high. They’re so soft and comfortable feeling to wear. The quality is great. Unfortunately, these do not fit me properly since the fingers are too short for me and the wrist area is baggy.
I give the satin Lycra gloves 4 out of 5 stars.



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