12 August, 2012

So Cute!

I like cute and feminine things. While I may not always have a use for them, sometimes I just have to have them. I love products that add just a little bit of glimmer to skin. My usual product is Gold Dust, which unfortunately clashes with my skin tone a bit. I think I look better with cool tones on my skin than I do with warm ones, especially since my clothing usually has a cooler tone to it. Thankfully I found the Shimmer Puff by Bella II Fiore available for sale by this sex shop I trust. The shimmer puff comes in two colors: pink and black. The pink puff has silver dust while the black puff has gold dust. I chose the pink puff.
The shimmer puff comes packaged in a pink and black box. The box is actually really cute. I think it’s great for gifting. It’s got lots of feminine designs on it like bows and flowers. Nowhere on the packaging does it say it is an adult product or anything. Because of that, this should work well as a gift for women of any age. The back of the packaging states the net weight of the shimmer puff as 3 grams. The puff is made in China. There aren’t really any directions for use listed on the box. I will be getting into those in a bit.
Mica, titanium dioxide, magnesium silicate, iron oxides.
This shimmer powder is completely body safe. It is phthalates and paraben free. It does not contain any common allergens.
Looking at the shimmer puff itself, it’s pretty cute. The “wand” is made of what feels like a wooden dowel with ribbon wrapped around it. At the end of the wand is a big pale pink puff that looks like cotton candy. The puff is furry and soft feeling. It closely resembles the powder puffs I have from other body powder products. Wrapped around the wand is a black ribbon bow.
The whole thing measures 7 ½ inches, with 4 ¼ inches of it being the wand and 3 ¼ inches of it being the powder puff. The puff also measures 3 ¼ inches wide. This is a good size, since I am able to easily hold the wand and pat the puff against my skin. The large puff covers quite a bit of skin quickly.
I noticed a very light fragrance to the puff and the shimmer. It smells lightly sweet, but I am unable to think of a scent to compare it to.
One pat of the puff on my skin gives me a very light, yet pretty shimmer. The more you pat your skin in one area, the more shimmer you will have. I think one layer over all of your skin should be good for a night out. I noticed that the edges of the puff put out more powder than the center. This gives me a pile of dust around the outer area of skin where I have applied the powder that needs to be rubbed around a bit to smooth it down. Once the powder is applied and smoothed in, it does not give skin any color aside from the shimmer.
I attempted to take a picture of the shimmer, but it was only starting to get noticeable after 5 pats on the back of my hand.
If you wish to remove the powder, simply wash your skin with some warm water. I am actually able to get most of it off by wiping my dry skin against a towel. The rest will easily come off in the shower without any soap. However, since this is so easy to wipe away, it doesn’t last very long on skin. Clothing and just touching it are going to pull it off very quickly.
I am not able to give an estimate for how long the puff will last. There is no information given on the amount of powder inside the puff. When I squeeze the puff end, there doesn’t seem to be anything inside that is holding a ton of powder. I personally do not expect the puff to last very long.
I choose to store my puff in the original cellophane bag and box. I figured that would be the easiest way to keep the puff from getting the powder all over the place. Placing it in a Ziploc bag should also keep the powder from getting on other stuff. I won’t be leaving mine sitting out because my cats have taken a liking to it and are constantly trying to steal it from me.
The shimmer puff should make a great gift for women of all ages. I can see younger girls loving how it’s “makeup”. Women from their teens and up will love how the shimmery powder accents their skin. As I said before, this is not an adult product. While I may have purchased it from an adult store, I could probably find similar things in the mall at beauty stores or boutiques.
I give the shimmer puff 4 out of 5 stars. It’s cute, it puts out a good amount of shimmer with little effort, and it’s not messy. However, the shimmer just doesn’t stay put as long as I’d like it to. It also doesn’t feel like it contains much shimmer powder.



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