12 August, 2012

SexIs: My First Article

So, SexIs, the community publication by EdenFantasys, recently began allowing regular contributors to publish articles. I've never really been much of a writer but I jumped at the chance to share some of my input with the world. Topics on SexIs range from advice columns and sex guides to real life experiences by those around you. It's really an amazing array of topics from people of all walks of life.

I decided to write my first article about the site that really helped me enter a more comfortable level with sex: EdenFantasys. Before I started buying and reviewing sex toys online, I was ashamed of myself and just didn't really know what all the hype was regarding sex.

Now that I've been reviewing sex toys for five years, I've learned so much. I've also become the person I want to be. I am no longer ashamed of myself and of sex.

If you're interested in reading more of my article please click here. I'd also be grateful if you could vote for my article in this contest or share my article by tweeting about it.



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