30 August, 2012

I've Had Better

Recently, I received a free pair of stockings with a lingerie purchase from this sex shop I trust. The stockings were a pair of fishnet thigh highs with a pink bow on them. I had already been somewhat interested in the stockings because of the bows on them and was excited to receive them for free.
The stockings come wrapped in very plain packaging. They are wrapped in a cellophane bag and have a small cardboard insert inside of them that shows the fishnet. There is no information on the packaging whatsoever. I was able to get some information off of the product page, but not much. These are made out of nylon. The manufacturer is Fantasy Lingerie.
These are a pretty simple pair of fishnet stockings. There is a seam at the toe. The top of each leg has a small pink bow attached over an elastic band. The band holds up the stockings so you don’t need to wear garters. It did give me a bit of muffin top, which I did not care for at all. Typically I go for stockings without an elastic or silicone band as they don’t give me a muffin top on my thighs. There is no backseam or any additional detailing to these. It’s just plain ol’ fishnet and a ribbon bow. The fishnet feels very soft and comfortable against skin. It’s super stretchy, too. As the fishnet stretches, the space in the netting increases. Despite the fact that the netting is not reinforced at the toes, I did not have an issue with my toes going through it.
I noticed that the stockings do not return to their original shape once removed. While they do not look baggy or misshapen on me, enough wearing of them may cause them to bag out. The manufacturer chose to make these out of just nylon, rather than nylon and spandex. Spandex would help them to retain their shape.
Measuring the fit of stockings is difficult since they stretch both in length and in width. The only measurement I can really provide that will relate to every wearer is the width of the elastic band. Unstretched, the top band measures 12 inches around. Stretched to the max, it measures 24 inches around. This means that your thighs cannot measure more than 24 inches around where the top of the stocking sits. Otherwise, it will dig in very uncomfortably. Since these gave me a muffin top, I chose to wear them close to my knee, where my thigh measures 16 inches around. Where I normally wear stockings measures 21 inches around. I’m 5’8” tall and have a US size 9 ½ to 10 in shoes. I also have muscular lower legs. The stockings were able to stretch up to my thighs with plenty of extra stretch to them. Someone taller than me with larger legs than mine would easily be able to wear the stockings.
While the cute pink bows on the stockings are cute, they do need to be modified a bit before being worn. I suggest putting a couple of stitches in a matching shade of pink through the center of the bow to hold it in place. The bow is simply tied, it’s not actually held together by anything. It will undo if tugged on.
Also regarding the bow, it can be worn in the front or in the back. There isn’t any difference in fit of the stockings between having the bow in the front or the back.
I think the stockings will look good with any feminine lingerie. Anything in a matching shade of pink would work well. I think shiny black heels would really set off the black fishnets, too. These can also be worn with regular clothing.
You’ll want to hand wash the stockings in the sink with a gentle detergent. They can be hung up to dry, but I would not wring them or anything. I store mine in with some other lingerie.
My overall opinion of the stockings is average. These are an okay choice for fishnet stockings, but I’ve had better. The plain elastic band on the top looks kind of cheap. I don’t care for the fact that the material does not return to its original shape once these are removed. Comparing these things to the price, I think they are a bit overpriced. I have purchased better stockings for $10.
I give the fishnet stockings with bows 3 out of 5 stars.



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