23 August, 2012

I Am Indeed Pleased

I work in retail, which is a pretty strenuous job. Add in that I work out at least 4 times a week and that I never get enough sleep in my nice, soft bed and you’ll come up with some pretty painful back aches. There really isn’t a day where my upper back and shoulders feel great. Because of that, I love getting super long massages. They put me to sleep and make me feel at least a little bit better. Unfortunately, my fiancĂ©’s hands get tired after a while. I figured purchasing some sort of massage tool would probably help reduce the amount of stress on his hands. We already have one massager, but it just doesn’t feel like it gets down in the really painful spots very often. I decided I’d purchase the Octo Pleaser because of the price and the amount of massaging ends it has. The Octo Pleaser was purchased from this sex shop I trust.
The Octo Pleaser did not arrive in any sort of packaging other than the shipping box. It has a small tag attached to it. The front states, “Octo Pleaser” and “8 Fingers of Fun!” On the back, there’s Pipedream’s logo. The massager is made in China and is sold as a novelty only.
Octo Pleaser is made out of see-through purple plastic. The head is hollow and has the outlines of eyes and a tiny “o” of a mouth. This is big enough for me to fit into my hand easily. It’s much smaller than a doorknob, but not too small. Each tentacle curves down from the body and has little suckers outlined on the top. There are eight tentacles in total with two of them just a tad bit bigger than the others. The larger ones give the octopus an oval shape. The end of each tentacle is fully rounded. The octopus has a few seams that can easily be seen, however when I run my finger over them I cannot feel them. It’s made out of a sturdy, hard plastic that is pretty lightweight.
It’s a bit difficult to get exact measurements of the massager because of the shape. It stands approximately 3 inches tall. The head has a circumference of 5 ½ inches. The ends of the tentacles are about 2 inches in circumference. Measuring from one tentacle across to the opposite one is about 4 inches.
Octo Pleaser is meant specifically for massages. It can be used anywhere you want, really. I really like a good, hard back massage with it. The hard tentacles just feel like they press into my muscles just right. It can be used dry or with a massage oil or lotion. Since the plastic is smooth and glides over my skin pretty well already, I prefer a dry massage with it.
You can massage with Octo Pleaser in two ways: through the tentacles or with the head. The tentacles provide more pinpoint stimulation. If you flip it over and hold on to the tentacles, the head provides a broader range for stimulation. Either way, the massager is easy to hold on to.
We are both able to provide massages for at least 20 minutes without feeling any wrist or hand pain. Usually when I offer him a massage with just my hands, my hand becomes tired after just a few minutes. The massager puts the work into your arm rather than your wrist and hand, which makes it much more comfortable to provide your partner a long massage.
The massager can be cleaned in the sink with soap and warm water. Any kind of soap will be fine, really. Toy cleaner or baby wipes can also be used. The massager does not say if it is dishwasher safe or not.
It can be stored pretty much anywhere. It looks like an innocent plastic octopus-shaped massager. I think it would look right at home if it was in a bathroom. I personally do not really have anywhere in particular for it yet. It just kind of goes from place to place around my bedroom.
I think the Octo Pleaser would make a cute gift for anyone. It’s an unassuming gift. I suppose it wouldn’t work for those who don’t like cutesy animals, but that’s pretty much it. Since it looks like just a massager, kids aren’t really going to question it being in the house.
My overall opinion of Octo Pleaser is very high. It’s adorable, durable, and it does its job. As a bonus, if I accidentally leave it lying out in the open, I don’t have to make any attempt at hiding it and I won’t get weird looks from visitors. I really have no cons for it.
I give the Octo Pleaser 5 out of 5 stars!



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