12 July, 2012

Week Six: The Pain!

For the past week or so I've been having a lot of pain in my breasts. Even so much as rubbing against my bra or bumping gently into something causes me to grimace in pain. It sucks because I work in retail and have a pretty strenuous job.

I started drinking some whey protein shakes as often as I can. I have some chocolate powder that you are supposed to mix in with water but I mix it in with milk. Using an electric drink mixer to blend it in with the milk makes it really thick and yummy. I also found some protein bars I really like. Hopefully the boost in protein will help me out at least a little bit.

I haven't noticed any difference in the appearance of my breasts. They're still flat and barely there. I was hoping to see at least a little improvement in them by now. My measurement for the week is 35 3/4 inches, which is an increase of 1/4 of an inch from last week. I'm not really sure how my measurement can increase when I don't look or feel any larger, but whatever.

I'm down to about half a bottle of Fulfillment. I've decided to scrap it and try something else if I don't notice any improvements by the end of this bottle. I still have the cream so I will probably continue to use it since it's a waste of money not to.



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