29 July, 2012

Week Nine: Nothing Much

I haven't noticed any change from last week. I'm still measuring 36 inches around. I do feel like I'm a bit smaller this week, which may be due to the fact that I have not been taking the Natureday extract much this week. I haven't had room in my fridge for the juice I drink with it, so I just decided to hold off on purchasing the juice until I have room. I have been keeping up with the Bust Boom! pills.

I did stop using the Natureday breast cream for a week or two, just so that my breasts could return to their normal complexion. Now that they're back to being break out free, I will start using the Natureday cream every other day.

**EDIT: I'd like to note here that I will no longer be posting weekly due to a lack of noticeable changes. Instead, I will be posting every other week from now on.



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