21 July, 2012

Week Eight: More Herbs

This week I decided I'd order some new stuff to try. I'm at the end of two full months on Fulfillment and haven't really noticed much of anything. While my measurement has steadily increased a bit, I'm not seeing or feeling any difference. I think I might be filling out sideways underneath my arms.

I ordered a bottle of Bust-Boom! off of Amazon, as well as some Eveline Cosmetics Push-Up cream that is supposed to just firm and lift breasts. I'm on day one of using both of those.

I haven't noticed any difference in how I feel today after taking the Bust-Boom! supplement. It's pretty much like a dry herb version of the Fulfillment liquid. The bottle contains 60 pills, enough for a 2 month supply, but I decided to take 2 pills a day for 2 months to give it a good start. It's about the same price as the Fulfillment liquid, though I do get free shipping on the BB capsules. 

The manufacturers of this claim I will gain 1 to 3 cup sizes in 10 weeks. I would be more than happy with 1 cup size. I think 3 would be a bit overwhelming.

I like this cream more than the other cream I bought because it's more like a lotion and less greasy feeling. The other stuff never felt like it fully absorbed. I noticed when I worked out the other cream would come out of my pores with my sweat, which was gross. This stuff absorbed quickly and left no feeling on my skin. Sweating did not push it back out.

All the cream is supposed to do is give my breasts a lifted, firm look and feeling. It's described as the benefits of a bra minus the bra. It does have a chance of giving me up to 2 cm of bust, though, which is almost a cup size.

I'm still using the Fulfillment liquid. Just finished drinking it, actually. I'm taking a break from my first cream until my skin calms down a bit. I'm starting to lightly break out from the amount of clogged pores I have. I think a week or two off the cream will clear that up.

My measurement this week is 36 inches around. Unfortunately, I'm not all too pleased with it. While my measurement went up an inch, I am noticing absolutely no change in the appearance or feel of my breasts. They are exactly what they were when I started this whole thing. If they looked even a tiny bit better or felt just a slight bit firmer, I'd be much happier. My bra does not feel any more full than it did 2 months ago.



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