01 July, 2012

Too Loud!

Usually when I make my orders on EdenFantasys, I don’t go for the free gifts that can be added to my order. They don’t particularly appeal to me. Recently, though, I added the free gift to a couple of orders since I was receiving mainly lingerie and books. With one order, I received the Silver Six bullet by Shaki Toys as the free gift. The regular price on Silver Six is currently $7.49 USD.

Silver Six comes packaged in a plastic clamshell case. There is a paperboard insert with relatively no useful information on it. The front and back both show a naked woman. The front states this toy can be “enjoyed right away!” In small letters the front says this can be used vaginally or anally. The back states this requires 2 AA batteries . It can be cleaned with a toy cleaner or soap and warm water. Silver Six is not waterproof and cannot be submerged in water.

I’m not a fan of the packaging. I hate tacky packaging that has naked women all over it. Like, I realize it’s a vibrator, but you could make it look a little more discreet and classy. I also dislike how the text on the packaging looks like it was done by someone with almost no grasp of sentence structure or punctuation. Some of the wording reminds me of Engrish, too. I suppose the packaging would be functional for storage if the paperboard insert is removed. It can be recycled if you choose to not keep it.

Silver Six is essentially a bullet vibe with an attached control. The entire thing is made out of hard plastic, which is non-porous and phthalates free. According to the packaging, your Silver Six controls can come in one of three different colors: blue, pale pink, and a reddish pink. I received the reddish pink. The bullet itself is silver. I did not notice the silver chipping off at all and am unable to forcefully chip it. This vibe is very light, weighing only about 0.3 pounds.

The bullet is divided into six bead-like shapes. It measures 5 inches long and 2 ½ inches around, making it a longer and slimmer bullet than most vibrating bullets. There is a visible seam on the bullet. I can just barely feel it with my fingers.

Silver Six bullet compared to the size of my index finger.

It’s attached to the controls by a 25 inch long cord. The cord is surrounded by a rubber ring where it goes into the bullet however this ring can be very easily moved with a fingernail. The controls do not have a rubber plug at all. This vibe is not waterproof, so I strongly suggest avoiding use while in the tub or shower.

The controls measure just over 4 inches long and 4 inches around. This is a very basic control panel. There is simply a slider to turn the toy on and increase the power. The back has the battery hatch on it, which is pretty simple to open. The controls are a pretty good size. I am able to comfortably fit them in one hand and use my thumb to slide the button increasing the power. The plastic may become slippery if it gets coated in lube.

This vibe does not have any vibrating patterns. It’s just a constant vibration that can be increased and decreased by the slider. It starts out at a low intensity vibration and goes to a high intensity vibration. This isn’t a very powerful vibe, but I do think it would work well as a warm-up to a more powerful toy. Unlike most of the vibrators I have, this one produces very buzzy vibrations rather than rumbly vibrations.

When this is turned on, the vibrations are felt mainly in the tip. Some can be felt along the rest of the bullet, but not nearly as much. I think this would work well as an external vibrator since the tip is small and has most of the power in it.

Silver Six can also be used vaginally however I would not recommend this for anal play. The base of the bullet is not flared, making it easy for it to get lost while inside of you. Massaging externally around the anus should be fine. When removing this after using it vaginally, I suggest grabbing onto the base rather than the wire, since that can pull out. I prefer this vibe for external stimulation since the vibrations are located at the tip.

This is definitely one of the loudest vibrators I’ve ever had. Its lowest level sounds about as loud as an electric toothbrush. At the highest level, it compares well with an electric shaver. I think it can easily be heard through a door. I don’t think music would be able to cover the sound unless you have it really cranked up. The sound level definitely makes this a very indiscreet vibe.

Since this is so loud, I don’t think I’m going to be getting much use out of it, at least with my current living situation. For the time being, I am living with my parents so I can save up to buy a house. If I were to use this vibe while here, my whole family would hear it. I definitely suggest looking elsewhere if you want a toy you can use discreetly if you’re in a similar living situation. I personally prefer quieter toys because they are less distracting, too. I grow tired of hearing the loud buzzing of this after having it on for just a couple of minutes.

When cleaning Silver Six, you’ll need to be pretty careful. Since the whole thing is not waterproof, the easiest method to clean it would be a toy cleaning wipe or a cloth with some toy cleaner on it. If you have to use soap and water, I’d use cloths to wash it rather than sticking it right in the sink.

Since this toy is made of plastic and it can have hard-to-clean nooks and crannies, I suggest using a clean finger cot or condom if sharing this with others. Finger cots would definitely offer a better fit on this, since it’s about as big as one of my fingers. This toy is safe to use with any kind of lubricant, like water and silicone based.

Silver Six can be stored however you like. The packaging is an okay choice and will keep it clean for your next use. You can also just throw this in with other toys or store it in a plastic baggie. This vibe is small and pretty easy to hide if necessary. I personally just throw it in with some other stuff. I don’t really care about the packaging at all and plan on recycling it.

I’m not all terribly too impressed with Silver Six. I’m used to higher quality toys and just don’t care for these cheaper ones. I’m also not a fan of the loud buzzy feeling vibrations and lack of vibrating patterns. Once I’ve turned it on, I just want to turn it right back off because of the noise level. I suppose for $7.49 this isn’t a bad toy. I wouldn’t suggest buying it unless you want to experiment with vibrators and want to spend as little as possible. The only thing that would make me pick this toy over other lower-priced toys is the material, since most cheaper toys are made of some pretty nasty materials. If you’re looking for a longer lasting, high quality toy, you’re better off looking at a silicone or velvet coated plastic vibrator.

I'd like to note here that this toy is currently discontinued on EdenFantasys. At some point in the future it may be offered for sale again.

I give Silver Six 3 out of 5 stars. It's about what I was expecting out of a toy at this price. It's not incredible but I suppose it can do in a pinch.



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