03 July, 2012

Something Blah

When I first saw the Romance ruffle back panties on EdenFantasys, I thought they looked pretty cute. I’m always looking to buy new panties. I like having a huge variety to choose from. I decided to order these because I don’t have any white/blue panties other than some plain cotton ones. Since I normally wear size 5 (small) in panties, I went with the size small. These are available up to size 3x/4x, which is a great range in sizes.

The Romance panties come packaged in a cellophane bag. A small tag is attached to the front. This tag doesn’t contain any useful information and can be recycled. Seven ‘til Midnight usually puts really long pink ribbon tags in their lingerie and panties, which is what these have sewn into the waistband. This tag indicates the material content of the panties, which is 92% polyester, 8% spandex. Care instructions are to hand wash in cold water and line dry. These should not be bleached or ironed. The panties are made in China.

These are made of see-through white and blue mesh. While the product photos show an opaque panty, what you’ll receive is almost completely see-through. The mesh is very stretchy and soft feeling. There are elastic bands around the leg openings and the waist to help keep these in place. The white mesh is trimmed with blue threading along the waistband and the leg openings. There is a small blue bow on the front right at the waistband. On the back there are three rows of ruffled blue mesh starting at the waistband. At the center of each row is a blue bow. The mesh is slightly ruffled at the leg openings and the waistband. As the panties are stretched, the ruffling will smooth out. There is a small liner inside of the panty that is made of a soft material similar to cotton.

Considering how low these panties sit and how they look when worn, I’d consider them to be a hipster style panty. They have a very low rise and sit right at the hips.

Since these are white and blue, they can be used as the “something blue” at a wedding. Unfortunately, I haven’t really seen any lingerie around that they can be paired with. As far as wearing them under clothing, they can be okay underneath jeans or a skirt, but a looser fitting fabric like dress pants may show a bulge in the back.

Waistband (unstretched/stretched): 26/44
Hips (unstretched/stretched): 27/45
Leg opening (unstretched/stretched): 19/28
Rise: 6 ½ inches
Length of panty liner: 3 ½ inches

Size Chart (Small):
Waist: 24 – 26 inches
Hip: 34 – 36 inches

Since the only real determining measurement for these is the hip measurement, I fit right in the middle of the size chart for these in size small. My hips measure 35 inches around at their fullest point. These sit very low on my hips, lower than the other hipsters I have purchased from Seven ‘til Midnight. They sit right below my hip bones. In the back, the top of my rear peeks out just a bit. Even though these stretch quite a bit, they do cause a good amount of muffin top on me. I do not care for how low rising these are, since they barely cover anything in the front. The waistband sits about 4 inches down from my belly button.

I’d have to say these run a bit smaller than the size chart. Since the ruffled blue mesh in the back straightens out the more the panties are stretched, the small size of these makes the mesh almost completely straightened out on me. I would think if they were properly sized, they would sit on me with only a bit of straightening to the ruffles. I think if I had ordered size medium, these would have fit me comfortably and they would have retained the ruffles.

As you can see in the product photos, the back of the panty doesn’t offer full coverage. On me, the elastic cuts into my rear and makes it look a bit odd. These also have a way of travelling inward quite a bit and causing a wedgie. I have an average sized rear for my body size. All of the underwear I have in size small fit my rear perfectly fine.

I’d follow the instructions on the tag to care for these, unless you can throw them in a very gentle wash cycle in your washer. If using a washing machine, I’d use a net lingerie bag to keep them from snagging on other clothing and ripping.

I’m not impressed with these panties at all. They look so cute in the photos, yet they fall short of what I look for in a panty. I want something cute yet very comfortable. I can’t very well feel sexy wearing something I’m constantly having to adjust. If I were to order these in another color, I’d most likely order a size up to give me that feeling of comfort.  

I give the Romance ruffle back panties 3 out of 5 stars. 

product picture
Sexy panty by Seven 'til Midnight
Material: Polyester / Spandex



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