24 July, 2012

Romantic Candle (Champagne Rain)

I’ve had the Romantic Candle sitting around for quite a while. It was unfortunately purchased not too long before my apartment caught on fire at the fault of a careless teen. After that, I haven’t felt much like burning candles at all. I finally decided to light it up and see what it smelled like since I didn’t pay for it to just sit around uselessly. When I originally purchased the candle, I chose the champagne scent because it sounded the most interesting out of the bunch.
The candle, by Kingman Industries, comes in a small glass jar with a metal lid. It’s similar to a small jam or jelly jar. It has a bit of black text on it and a cutesy floral vine design wrapped around the bottom of the jar. The front says Champagne Lights and that the candle is infused with pheromones. The back lists some warnings for candle use. The candle should be burned within sight, but out of reach of children or pets and far away from anything that can catch on fire. The wick should be trimmed to ¼ of an inch before burning. Do not burn the candle for more than 3-4 hours at a time. Allow it to cool fully before trimming the wick or relighting it. The jar does not specify what kind of wax is used to make this candle, so I am assuming it is regular paraffin wax. My jar looks different from the one on the product page.
Inside the candle, the 4 ounces of candle wax is in a bead form. It was not melted when the fragrance, coloring, and wax were all mixed together. I like this a lot. It looks cooler than just a regular wax candle. The wax beads are a really pretty purple color. I was expecting something closer to a gold or creamy white, since champagne is a nice gold color. However, this color is pretty interesting looking.
The wax has the same feel as that of all paraffin wax candles. It does not leave a greasy feel on skin and does not stain skin. Playing with the wax does leave the fragrance of it on skin, though it washes away with soap and warm water. You may need to dig around in the wax a bit to find the wick, since it can become buried during shipment.
I really like the fragrance of this candle. It’s very pretty, almost like cologne. It’s kind of a floral scent with a bit of woodsy-ness to it. While I wouldn’t smell this and say it’s a champagne scent, I do like it a lot. Right out of the jar it isn’t very strong at all. I have to put my nose pretty close to smell it.
This candle is infused with pheromones, too, which are said to increase sexual drive. I haven’t ever used a pheromone candle before. I have a few pheromone-infused body products, which use your naturally released pheromones to create a scent that will attract potential partners. I’m not quite sure if I felt the pheromone effects with this candle. While, yes, I liked smelling it, I didn’t find myself going out of the way to smell it and I didn’t feel any difference in my mood. I have felt the effects of pheromones in a few body products and did not feel those effects with this candle.
Once the candle is lit, the wax beads start melting together to form the normal smooth wax candles have. I did notice an increase in the strength of the scent after lighting the candle. After 10 minutes of being lit, I could smell it from about 15 feet away. It did not smell overpowering, though it was a bit strong. Most candles I can never seem to smell once they’re lit, though I smell them once I put them out. An hour after I lit the candle, most of the second floor of my house smelled like the candle. This is definitely a stronger candle and may be headache inducing for some people who are sensitive to scents. I personally like the stronger scent.
The burn time for this candle is approximately 12 hours.
I really like this candle. It’s got such a beautiful scent. It may be a little bit too strong for some, but for me it’s great for refreshing my home. The fragrance lingers well after the candle is lit, which is nice. While I didn’t notice anything involving the pheromones, that’s just me. The price is a bit high for a candle, but since the quality and fragrance are better than candles you’ll find at Wal-Mart, it’s worth the extra few dollars.
I give it 5 out of 5 stars.



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