27 July, 2012

Oh, You Naughty People!

For Christmas I had purchased my fiancĂ© the Naughty People boxer briefs, which he absolutely loved. I liked the soft feel of the fabric and the amusing naughty people, so I decided I’d purchase myself the Naughty People chemise. After looking over the size chart, I decided to go with size small because my measurements fit right in the middle of it. The chemise is available in size small up to size 1X/2X. I purchased the chemise from this sex shop I trust.
The chemise comes wrapped in a cellophane bag. I can’t recall if it came with a hanger or not. I moved after purchasing the chemise and if it came with a hanger I have no idea where it went. The chemise has a small tag safety-pinned to it that states the size. Other information can be found on the tag inside the chemise. The material content is 50% cotton and 50% polyester. The care instructions are to hand wash and line dry.  
This is a pretty simple chemise. It has adjustable straps made out of ribbons. The body of the chemise is plain aside from the naughty people. The fabric is very soft and comfortable feeling against skin. It’s like a more stretchy t-shirt fabric. There are two seams, both of which run down the sides under the arms. There isn’t any underwire or anything, so this is pretty much like a short nightgown.
While the body of the chemise is comfortable and of good quality, the straps are cheap and a pain in the butt. They don’t stay tightened. Within minutes of me adjusting the straps, they pull themselves back down to where they were. The ribbon began unraveling within my first couple of wears. It would have been nicer if they used the same fabric that is used for the body of the chemise to make the straps, as it wouldn’t have been so slippery and cheap feeling. Regular bra straps would also have worked much better.
The naughty people covering the chemise are pretty amusing. There is a repeating pattern of 28 individual naughty people. I love the zombie and sock monkey people. From afar the naughty people will probably just look like regular cartoon characters on the chemise, however anyone looking at it up close will see that most of them are naked and have either a penis or breasts hanging out for all to see. The naughty people are actually part of the fabric, rather than being a paint applied to the fabric.
After the first couple of times wearing this, I decided to cut out the tags inside of the chemise. They are very itchy and just irritated my skin too much.
Length (from top of cup to bottom hem): 25 inches
Bust: 28 inches unstretched, 38 inches stretched
Waist: 28 inches unstretched, 42 inches stretched
Hip: 34 inches unstretched, 46 inches stretched
Size Chart (Small):
Dress size: 4 – 6
Cup: B
Bust: 34 – 36 inches
Waist: 26 – 28 inches
Hip: 36 – 38 inches
My Measurements:
Dress size: 5 – 8
Bra size: 34B
Waist: 27 inches
Hip: 35 inches
I fall right in the middle of Coquette’s size chart for size small. Unfortunately, size small is a bit tighter than what I would have liked. It’s tight against my skin and does nothing for my flaws.
I purchased this chemise as something to sleep in, which is actually not very possible. Every time I get into bed with this on, the chemise slides up all the way to my waist and the straps loosen themselves up all the way again. If you choose to have sex in the chemise, it will ride up quite a bit.
After looking at the photos on the EdenFantasys product page, I feel this was supposed to fit me kind of tightly. If you prefer a looser fitting chemise I would go up in size. Other than that, the size chart is accurate for this chemise.
I have thrown my chemise in the washing machine without any problems. I suggest running it through on a gentle cycle, though, since the ribbon isn’t very good quality. Running it through the dryer on a gentle cycle should be fine as well.
Despite its few flaws, I like this chemise a lot. It’s pretty soft and stretchy. The naughty people design is amusing and something you can look at for quite a while. I think the chemise itself is pretty good quality. I would be interested in purchasing some naughty people panties for myself, but unfortunately EdenFantasys does not carry the booty shorts, only the thong.
I give the Naughty People chemise 4 out of 5 stars.



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