29 July, 2012

Not As Liberating As I Had Hoped

Quite a while ago I wanted to try a Liberator brand position pillow. I really wanted to try the wedge and ramp but unfortunately did not have the room for it. I’ve been going back and forth between living in a small apartment and living at my parents’ house, so I just didn’t have the room to store something big. I decided I’d try the Liberator Heart Wedge as an introduction to the line. This sex shop I trust sells the pillow in red, black, and aubergine. Liberator’s web site sells a few additional colors: buckwheat, espresso, and grey. I purchased the red pillow because the shade matches my bedding.
The ramp arrived packaged in a large brown shipping box. It was wrapped in a big plastic bag. I received a Liberator position guide with it, but I have no idea where that went. The guide is paperback and displays positions for all of the liberator shapes. The guide can also be viewed here on their web site. While the guide does not display any positions for the heart wedge, the shape is similar to the regular wedge and can be used with positions designed for the wedge.
The heart wedge is covered in a red suede/velvet-like material. The material feels very soft against skin. There are seams in the material along all of the edges of the heart. This is a slip cover that can be removed from the wedge in order to be cleaned or changed out with a new slip cover. Along the top of the heart is a large black zipper. One side has a black square Liberator brand patch attached to it. Unlike some of the other shapes, the heart wedge does not have any additional attachments, like clips for wrist and ankle cuffs, on it. It’s just the pillow. The material does not seem to attract much lint at all and what it does attract wipes off easily.
Inside of the slip cover is a smooth black waterproof cover. This feels like a softer version of the material used to make tents. Since it feels so smooth, if you choose to, you can remove the outer cover and use the heart wedge with just the inner cover. This also has a large black zipper running along the top of the heart. Unzipping this cover reveals the actual foam padding that makes up the wedge.
The wedge is pretty big. It measures 19 inches across the fullest part of the heart and is about 13 inches long. The height ranges from 2 to 7 inches. Liberator lists the weight as 3.5 pounds. There is no weight limit listed for the heart wedge. I am a medium sized girl and I fit on the heart wedge with a few inches left over on each side. I think anyone up to size XL should fit on the heart wedge. If you’re any larger than that, you’ll probably want to get the regular wedge, which measures 24 inches across. This wedge is a bit difficult to lay on since the bottom of it tapers off to a point, so it does offer a little bit less support than a regular wedge.
The foam isn’t different from the foam used to make other foam pillows and cushions. I’ve seen a few regular pillows designed to help you sit up in bed that are made of the same material. It’s pretty squishy yet it is firm enough to fully support a body if it is laid on.
There are two ways the pillow can be facing in order to use it for positions: with the rounded heart top facing towards your bottom or with them facing towards your head. From there, you can choose between laying on your stomach or back.
The heart wedge can improve oral sex, doggy-style or rear entry, and man-on-top missionary positions. For oral sex, flip the rounded tops of the heart towards your rear end and sit on top of it. Lay back with your legs spread apart or pull them in to your chest. During doggy-style or rear entry, flip over on it so the point is facing your head and you’re lying on your stomach. This position works for both anal and vaginal intercourse. In the man-on-top missionary position, she lies on her back with the heart towards her rear end and either holds her legs into her chest or wraps them around him.
So far we have mainly attempted to use the heart wedge for doggy-style positions. Those are somewhat difficult to hold at times, so I like having something to relax against. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work very well for us that way. It positions my rear end up too high in the air for him to comfortably get himself inside of me. As for the missionary position with him on top, that works well. A little too well, though. I always feel like my g-spot is being horribly over stimulated and like I’m going to vomit. We have not used the wedge for oral sex. However, Barbie has.
To clean the heart wedge, you’ll want to remove the covers. Both covers can be thrown into the washing machine on gentle. I suggest air drying them in case they shrink. If you happen to also get the foam cushion dirty, that can be spot cleaned. I strongly suggest simply spot cleaning the wedge unless it is heavily soiled. I’ve so far just spot cleaned my wedge since it’s only gotten some small spots of lubricant on it. I refresh mine with Febreze every now and then, too.
We just keep our pillow on our bed. So far, I don’t think anyone has really noticed what exactly it is. It just looks like a weird throw pillow. It’s a bit small to pass for a back positioning pillow. Usually I just stick some other pillows around and on top of it to just kind of blend it in.
I like the wedge, though I don't feel I liked it as much as I would like other Liberator shapes. It doesn't have enough variety for me to fully enjoy having it around. Some of the other shapes seem to enhance quite a few positions, though they do take up a lot more room. I think the heart wedge is a high quality piece, just not necessarily the best choice for me.
I give the heart wedge 4 out of 5 stars.



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