31 July, 2012


So, I've decided to start doing a weekly post on sex positions. We'll be trying at least one new position a week and I will report back on said position(s). At the end I will give a rating of the position.

This week, I wasn't feeling all terribly too well. I'm not sure if it was the heat, something I've eaten, or what, but I just have felt like sleeping for hours upon hours. Combine that with the fact that our schedules are the complete opposites (he works a 9-5 type schedule and I work overnights) and you get a week of sexlessness.

We did decide to try one new position this week, the Mastery position. I've seen photos of this position done in a few ways: with her squatting over him, her legs extended out behind him, and just kind of kneeling onto his lap. He just sits there, on a chair, couch, or the bed.

Since there's three ways for me to have my legs positioned, we tried all three to see which was our favorite. Squatting was disqualified right off the bat since I lost my balance and almost fell off the bed.

When my legs were extended out behind him, J seemed to get the most stimulation out of penetrating me. He was literally panting for half of it. I felt no more stimulation than I would during a basic Cowgirl position. I did notice his penis did seem to be pressing in deeper than usual. Unfortunately, since I was falling off his lap I wasn't very comfortable.

After that, I curled my legs back around and kneeled in his lap. This was very comfortable for me, though I had to keep hold on him to keep him from falling backward. Penetration wasn't as deep as the previous position, however I did feel some G-Spot stimulation.

Between the two, I prefer the second way more than the first for now. I think a change in furniture from our very soft pillow top bed to something more firm and stable would have allowed me to keep my position a little more easily. Unfortunately, when you live with your parents you can be extremely limited in your choice of places to have sex. You get the bed and you're happy with it.

I'm giving the Mastery position a score of 7/10. J gets deeper penetration and I get some G-Spot stimulation. Unfortunately, that G-Spot stimulation isn't earthshaking amounts of pleasure.



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