24 July, 2012

Let's Keep This Island Hidden

I’m always up to play any kind of game. I haven’t had too much experience with sexy bedroom games, so I decided I’d give a few a try and see how I liked them. One of the games I purchased was Pleasure Island, which looked like a good fun game to play with my fiancĂ©. I purchased the game with the intention of breaking our “usual” foreplay and trying something new like some light role playing and piratey foreplay. The game was purchased from this sex shop I trust.

Pleasure Island comes in a pretty big box for the amount of stuff you receive. It measures approximately 10 ¼ x 8 x 2 ½ inches. The box is similar in feel and appearance to most board game boxes. It’s made of glossy cardboard that is sturdy enough to stack other games on top of it; however it will see some damage from being handled often. The top of the box says “Pleasure Island” in large letters and “where Fantasy and Pleasure awaits.” in smaller letters beneath it. There is a graphic of a couple walking hand-in-hand down a beach towards a sunset ocean or sea. Off to one side is a pirate ship and on the other side is a treasure chest and map. The back of the box shows the game board’s lay out and a couple small examples of the playing cards. One side of the box lists the directions for play, which I will get into later. Another side lists the box contents as: 2 tokens, 1 game die, 22 pleasure chest cards, 22 prisoner of love cards, and the game board.
The board itself is pretty small compared to most board games. It measures 15 ½ x 10 inches. At the bottom is the starting area, which is a pirate ship. The game finishes at the X on the “map” which is in the center of the board. The board is made out of the same glossy cardboard as the box. Each square on the map is big enough to fit one playing piece on it. Most of the squares have a pirate or sailing theme to them. Towards the beginning of the board, there are only squares like “go back 3 spaces” and foreplay squares like “do a strip tease” or “masturbate your shipmate for 1 minute”. Half way into the game the pleasure chest and prisoner of love card spaces start picking up and the foreplay spaces disappear.
To play the game, you simply roll the die and move your token ahead however many spaces you’ve rolled. If you land on a space that states to move forward or back, you have to do so within that turn. If you land on a foreplay space, you should also complete that action within your turn. Landing on a space with a picture of some gold coins means you draw a pleasure chest card and landing on one with stocks on it means you pick up a prisoner of love card.
The cards are about the same size as normal playing cards however they aren’t as sturdy. They are made of a glossy paperboard. If they get wet, they will most likely wipe clean if wiped immediately. Leaving them wet would probably ruin them. Some other games I have include cards that are made of the same material. I noticed that the spelling, grammar, and structure of most of the cards could use some work. There’s some improper uses of words like their/they’re/there and weird run-on sentences. I will list some examples of each type of card. I chose to type out each card exactly as shown rather than edit each phrase to read properly.
The prisoner of love cards are all themed closer to bondage and pain situations. Quite a few of them require something to bind your partner’s wrists or ankles. That can be cuffs, ties, or scarves; depending on whatever you happen to have. Many also require a whip or paddle, but if you do not have either you can just use your hand or a belt.
Here are some examples of these cards:
“Put a slippery lubricant on the head and shaft of his penis, as she holds her breast around his penis slide in and out between her soft breasts.”
“Tie your shipmate’s ankles and wrists take charge and do whatever they desire.”
“To heighten your shipmate’s pleasure and make there senses more aware, try using a silk scarf to blindfold them. A feather, vibrator, hot oil, ice cubes would make it even better.”
“Tie your shipmate’s arms and legs while they are laying face down on the bed. With your shipmate’s legs spread open enter your shipmate were ever they desires.”

The pleasure chest cards are a bit friendlier to all relationships regarding foreplay and sex. Some of them feature things like using chocolate sauce or whipped cream on your partner’s body or tell you to do something simple like changing up your position during sex. These cards were a bit boring for me. Quite a few of the cards listed things we normally do and therefore weren’t exciting for us to use.
Here are some examples of the pleasure chest cards:
“Masturbate while your shipmate watches. To be extra nasty, use a toy while you do it. They can join in if they like.”
“Put in an erotic movie, act out sexual scenes taken from the movie.”
“Have sex with your shipmate, somewhere different in the cabin, on the table, couch, or even the chair.”
“For a bedtime story get a naughty novel. Skip to the good parts, you’ll both get aroused together.”
The die and playing pieces are the same as those in any other game. They’re made of plastic and seem to be decently durable. If the playing pieces are lost, you can just replace them with pieces from another game or other little plastic figures.
The first time we played through the game we planned on using the game as a form of foreplay. The first few spaces were great for foreplay, but as we got into the last half of the game, we kept drawing cards that we just weren’t ready for. Some were things like mutually masturbating until you both orgasm. What’s the point of going through the game to “finish” with sex when you’ve both already had an orgasm and have to wait several hours for him to be ready to play again? I would have preferred less cards ending with orgasm and more cards that would keep us playing the game and interested.
A lot of cards also required things we did not have or were not in any way able to use. One said to pour rum over your “shipmate’s” body and lick it off. I’m not all too interested in making a sloppy alcoholic mess in my bedroom, which is the only space we have to play the game at the moment. Another one said to coat each other in lube. For those cards, we would have needed proper preparation and a lot of extra stuff. Sticking to things everyone will for sure have around the house would have been much nicer. Also providing more than 22 of each card or offering multiple choices on a card would have given us more options.
After discarding cards due to lack of necessary items or a complete disinterest in completing the action, we gave up maybe 3/4s of the way into the game. The frustration at some of the cards caused us to just put the game away and go to sleep, rather than do what we initially intended after the game was over.
Despite the high quality of the game’s materials and the basic idea of it, I found this game lacking heavily. The play was boring at some points and frustrating at others. I did not care for the spelling and grammar errors on almost every single card. I have purchased other sex-related games at similar prices and received amazingly fun games, so I was expecting quite a bit more out of this.
As it is, I give the game 2 out of 5 stars.



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