17 July, 2012

Greek Goddess or Window Dressing?

When I buy lingerie, I go for the most feminine thing I can find. I love pretty lingerie with bows and lace on it. When I saw the pleated babydoll, I knew I had to have it. The babydoll and thong set is available in pink, red, black, and plum. The first color I saw was the pink, which is what I chose. I didn’t really like the babydoll in the other shades. After looking over the size chart, I chose size small. The sizes available for the babydoll are small, medium, and large.
The babydoll arrives wrapped in cellophane with the matching thong attached to it. A DreamGirl tag is attached to the babydoll but it does not have any useful information on it. The babydoll and thong have small tags in them that provide a bit of information. Both pieces are made of 100% polyester. Care instructions are: hand wash in cold water, do not bleach, and line dry. The set is made in China.
Since this babydoll is made of just polyester, the fabric is not stretchy at all. When it is tugged on, the fabric simply loses the pleated look. The more the babydoll is filled out, the less pleated it looks. This fabric is see through, especially when it’s not as pleated. If you look at the product page for the plum babydoll, you can see how sheer the fabric is pretty easily. The fabric feels soft against skin and does not irritate skin at all.
The thong and the cups of the babydoll are made of a stretchy pink mesh material. The mesh is soft, though not as soft as the mesh on some other lingerie I have. It still feels very soft against skin and does not cause any discomfort. The mesh is almost completely see through.
This babydoll is very beautiful yet simple. It is designed as a flowy mini dress. The top has adjustable straps in the back which are attached to a length of the polyester in the front. There is a tight elastic band under the bust. While there isn’t underwire, the tight band helps support breasts pretty well. Each cup is made of stretchy mesh in a slightly deeper pink than the main material of the babydoll. Over top of the cups is a layer of the pleated polyester. Between the mesh and the polyester, the cups are almost opaque. I can still see through them very slightly, but only if I put something dark colored underneath them. Where the cups meet the straps and between the breasts is a small white ribbon bow. Underneath the cups is a short ruffled row of the polyester. The bottom of the babydoll is just a skirt made out of the pleated material. There are no adornments on the skirt and the bottom hem is not trimmed with anything. The back is also just made of pleated material. The top of it sits where the bottom band of my bra sits.
I think the quality of the babydoll is not the greatest. The stitching is the sloppiest out of all the lingerie I have purchased from DreamGirl. There are loose threads hanging off it all over the place that unravel the stitching if they are caught in something or pulled on. I noticed a few areas where they did not fully stitch this together, too. The stitching on one of the cups stops about an inch or so from where it should have stopped. The trim underneath one of the cups is starting to unravel pretty badly. I think that I’ll need to stitch it back on pretty soon. Handling this, I feel it is very delicate and will not hold up to rough play.
The thong that comes with the babydoll is a bit nicer than most thongs that I have received in lingerie sets. It has a thin waistband of elastic. The back of it actually has a panel of fabric, rather than just another elastic band. There is a pale pink panty liner made out of a cotton-like material. My thong has a few loose threads hanging off of it and is unraveling a bit on the waistband. I think if my thong were roughly handled often it would most likely fall apart.
When I ordered this, I ordered a size smaller than what I normally would buy. I usually wear a medium in DreamGirl lingerie. I purchased a smaller size because of how the waist and hip area looked on the model. The fabric looks loose and like it flows around her body, rather than fitting tight. This is exactly what I received.
Length (from top of cup to bottom hem): 25 inches
Over bust: 28 inches
Under bust (unstretched/stretched): 25/32 inches
Waist: 54 inches
Hip: 64 inches
Straps at their largest: 18 inches
Straps at their smallest: 14 inches
Thong waistband (unstretched/stretched): 24/58 inches
Thong rise: 7 inches
Length of panty liner: 4 ¼ inches
Size Chart (Small):
Dress size: 2 – 6
Cup: A – B
Bust: 32 – 34 inches
Waist: 24 – 26 inches
Hip: 34 – 36 inches
Weight: 90 – 120 pounds
My Measurements:
Dress size: 5 – 8
Bra: 34B
Waist: 27 inches
Hips: 35 inches
Height: 5’8”
The bust area is tight fitting, but the rest just kind of floats around my body. This is very flattering for my body. I have a small bust and a kind of chubby midsection. The pleats and tight bust made my breasts look larger while the pleated skirt hid any bad areas on my body. I think the sizing of the bust area is the most important factor in determining your size. I found this is a bit smaller than the size chart specifies. If you measure more than 32 inches underneath your breasts, you’ll want to go a size up. I noticed that the cups aren’t tight on the outsides towards the under arm area, so you may have some side boob going on. I feel the cup size is accurate. Both A and B cups will fit in this nicely. Small and perky C cups may work as well.
As I said, the thong has a very thin elastic waistband. It’s definitely the most comfortable elastic waistband I’ve ever had. It lies very flat against skin. I feel the thong would not cause any panty lines if worn beneath clothing. It does not cause a muffin top at all. The tag inside of it is a bit itchy, but it can be easily cut out.
When I wear this, I feel very pretty. The babydoll just has this like Greek goddess feel to it, which I love. My concern with the babydoll’s appearance is how the pleats look a bit like blinds and sometimes bother me. I think if DreamGirl made another babydoll with just the cups pleated and the skirt just loose flowing material, that would be very pretty too.
I do have one other slight issue with the babydoll. I am completely unable to remove it on my own. The elastic band under the cups is so tight I can’t fit it back up over my shoulders. I have to put my arms up over my head and have my fiancĂ© pull it up over my head. This means I can only wear this when he’s around. If I get tired of wearing it or need to change and he’s not here, I’d probably end up accidentally ripping it trying to get it off.
I definitely recommend following the care instructions on the tag for this. I think running it through the washer or dryer may end up ruining the pleats. I had a shirt that had some sort of pleating to it that accidentally got dried and ended up looking pleat-less and awful. The thong should be able to make it through the gentle cycle in a washer and dryer. I suggest using Static Guard or soaking this in fabric softener when you clean it. The fabric has a lot of static cling to it.
The best method of storing the babydoll is hanging it up. This will keep the pleats looking pretty and wrinkle free.
My overall opinion of this babydoll and thong set is pretty good. The babydoll is cute and comes in four colors. The sizing is a tad bit off for the bust however the waist and hip areas are very flattering and loose. I would have liked to see this offered in larger sizes and with better quality stitching. I feel the price for this set is a bit high. I would consider it worth no more than $25.
I give the pleated babydoll and thong 4 out of 5 stars.

product picture
Babydoll and panty set by DreamGirl
Material: Polyester




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