18 July, 2012

Cute But Not The Greatest Fit

I love having lots of panties in my drawer. I don’t like the thongs that come with most lingerie, so being able to keep a drawer full of other styles of panties is a must for me. I love boy short styled panties, especially if they aren’t crotchless. I decided I’d order the Vintage Doll lace booty short panties, which are available in sizes small up to 3X and in the colors black and white. I ordered both the black and white pairs in size small from EdenFantasys.
The panty comes packaged in a cellophane bag. It has a small, uninformative Fantasy Lingerie tag attached to it. The tag just states the color and size of the panty. Inside of the panty, attached to a seam in the back, is a small tag with more information on it. This is made of 92% nylon and 8% spandex. Care instructions are: machine wash warm, gentle wash dark colors separately, tumble dry low, and do not twist or wring out the panties. I found it confusing that the white pair has information on washing dark colors, so I checked the tag on the black pair, which says the same thing.
The panty is made out of a see-through lace material. The lace is stretchy and has a floral design to it. It’s a bit rough feeling but does not feel itchy against skin. There are some frays to the lace here and there but not too many. There is a tiny diamond-shaped white panty liner in the crotch of the panty.
Neither the leg openings nor the waistband have an elastic band or silicone band in them. Despite this, the panty stays up pretty well. It did not dig into my skin at all. I did notice the top of the lace rolled down just a tiny bit though no further than where the edges of the lace are scalloped.
There is one seam on the panty, which is unfortunately straight up the middle. This seam is a bit uncomfortable feeling both in the front and back. I found it gave a slight camel toe if I pulled the panties up to where I felt they sat comfortably. Because of that, I have to wear the panty much lower than where I feel it should be sitting. The rise is about 6 inches. It sits much lower on the front and back than on the sides for me. In the back, the top of the panty sits level with my bum crack.

The only adornment to the panty is a large ribbon bow. The white pair has a pale blue bow on it while the black pair has a purple bow on it. The photos on the product page at EdenFantasys show the bow sitting in the back. The bow is actually located on the front of the panties. I put these on with the bow in the back to see if they felt comfortable that way and found they felt awkward and didn’t look right. The bow is not attached to the panty very securely. It’s sewn on both pairs very crookedly. I would have liked it if they had taken the time to sew it on straight.
Measurements (unstretched/stretched):
Waistband: 32/46 inches
Hip: 32/44 inches
Leg opening: 21/30 inches
Height from top of middle to bottom: 8 inches
Height along sides: 6 ½ inches
Length of panty liner: 2 ¼ inches
Size Chart (Small):
Dress size: 6 – 8
Waist: 26 ½ - 28 ½ inches
Hip: 37 ½ - 39 ½ inches
I ordered size small because I measure within the size range for it and I typically wear size small in panties. My hip measurement is 35 inches, so I’m a bit smaller than what the size chart quotes. I do measure 37 ½ inches if I measure over the fullest part of my butt. These fit comfortably for their size. They’re snug enough to stay up but aren’t so snug that they are uncomfortable. When I wear them, they don’t leave any marks on my skin.
Despite the fact that the bow is not in the back and that these sit a bit too low on me, they look pretty good when I wear them. They work well with lingerie in matching colors. I think the black pair is a bit easier to match with lingerie, but that’s just because there’s more black or purple lingerie to choose from than white or blue. I like wearing the black and purple pair with this floral bustier by Coquette.

I think if you were to wear these underneath clothing the bow may create a bulge. The rest of the panty lays flat against skin. I don't think it would be an issue with jeans, but leggings or a skirt may show a small bulge.
To care for these, I suggest running them through the washer and dryer on a gentle cycle with like colors. Using some fabric softener will help soften up the rough feel of the lace. You may want to get some thread in a color that matches the bow to reinforce it a bit. While mine hasn’t fallen off, it’s only being held on by two stitches. These can also be hand washed if you prefer to wash them that way.
Despite the few small flaws I noticed with these panties, I find them pretty enjoyable. They could be a bit more comfortable feeling to wear and I would have liked to see higher quality construction for the price. However, they’re cute, they cover my butt, and they work well as an alternative to thongs.
I give the Vintage Doll booty shorts 4 out of 5 stars.
Interested in purchasing these? Click the link below to add them to your cart on EdenFantasys!

product picture
Sexy panty by Fantasy Lingerie
Material: Nylon / Spandex



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