27 July, 2012

Comfy AND Sexy!

I like the look of garters but sometimes garter belts can be a bit too bulky. Some lingerie comes with garters attached to the bottom, but I don’t always care for the look of the lingerie itself. For that reason, I purchased the garter boyshort. The boyshort is available in sizes small/medium and medium/large. I purchased size small/medium from this sex shop I trust.
The boyshort comes packaged in a paperboard box with a tiny cut out on the bottom. The back states the boyshort is made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex. Care instructions are to hand wash and drip dry. These are made in Vietnam.
I like the feel of the material used in the boyshort. It’s very soft, smooth, and stretchy. It’s a really nice feeling for panties.
This is a very well made pair of panties with no frays or bad seams. The waistband has a thin elastic band underneath the fabric and a tiny bow attached to the front center. There are seams at each side and one in the crotch. Attached at the front and back of each leg opening is a garter strap. These are not removable. If you don’t want them on the boyshort anymore you will have to cut them off. There is no panty liner in the crotch of the boyshort.
Despite the fact that there are garters attached to the panty, the boyshort stays in place pretty well. The garters do not add a whole lot of weight to the panty. Compared to other garters these have a thicker strap. Each garter has a short piece of ribbon attached to the end of it. The teeth in the metal clasp on each garter makes adjusting these a bit of a pain. The teeth like to snag into the elastic band of each garter and need to be pulled out before the garter can be adjusted.
These aren’t really a sexy boyshort so much as they are a functional and comfortable one. The back of the boyshort completely covers your rear, rather than accenting it like booty shorts do. Since I prefer comfort over sexiness, this does not bother me at all.
Measurements (unstretched/stretched):
Waistband: 24/42 inches
Hip: 28/52 inches
Leg openings: 20/30 inches
Rise: 7 ½ inches
Length of garters (shortest/longest): 5/8 inches
According to the size chart, the size SM boyshort should fit those with a waist measuring 23 to 27 inches and hips measuring 34 to 38 inches. I think the measurements are accurate for fitting those who wear size small and medium in panties. I personally have a 27 inch waist and 35 inch hip and these fit me very comfortably. When I put these on, it feels like there’s a bit of spare room around me, but these are still snug enough to fit me properly. The waistband doesn’t give me a muffin top or dig in, yet it does its job of holding these in place. The waistband sits right on my hip bones.
I think these are a great pair of panties to wear with corsets. I like both boyshorts and stockings with my corsets; however both are not always possible. These are also a good choice if you need to wear stockings with regular clothing like miniskirts and do not want the bulk of a garter belt.  
As far as cleaning these goes, I agree with the statements on the packaging. These should be hand washed in cold water and hung up to drip dry. It should be okay to store these in with other articles of clothing since the metal pieces on the garters are pretty smooth feeling.
I really like these boyshorts. They’re comfortable, fit me well, and hold up stockings. I’d love to see more color choices available or maybe a pair that is trimmed with lace. The only cons I can really think of for these is the price, which is just a tad high for a pair of panties with a few extra bits stuck on, and the lack of sizes available.
I give the garter boyshort 5 out of 5 stars.



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