01 July, 2012

Are You A Diva?

While I’m not into wearing a collar regarding a dominant/submissive relationship, I think they make a nice accessory with some lingerie. They can also be worn out with normal clothing, depending on the outfit. After having tried a different collar and finding I liked it, I decided to try a different one as well. The Diva Stars collar comes in two colors: black with pink gems and pink with pink gems. I meant to order the pink collar to match some other things I was buying at the time but accidentally ordered the black one.

I purchased this collar quite a long time ago. It comes with a hang tag attached to one end. I can’t remember what information was on it other than the brand.

The Diva Stars collar is mainly made out of leather. The leather is very soft feeling and flexible. It does not have any sharp edges. It has a metal buckle like that of a regular animal collar or a belt. All of the stitching is done in black and seems to be pretty well done. The outside of the collar is adorned with 26 metal discs with a pink plastic gem attached to the top. These discs are not attached to the collar how metal hardware usually is attached to leather. Instead, they have two pointy strips underneath them that are pushed into the leather to hold them on. My belt’s stud adornments are done the same way. If they fall off, they can be tricky to get back on properly, however it can be done.  

Bad Kitty collar (top) compared to the Diva Stars collar (bottom)
Because of the gem adornments, this collar is very feminine looking. I think the design would work better for a feminine wearer than it would for a more masculine one.

This measures 16 ½ inches total in length and ½ an inch in width. There are 5 holes spaced approximately half an inch apart to adjust the neck width of the collar. It can be adjusted from 12 ½ inches to 14 inches according to your neck size. I strongly suggest measuring around your neck before deciding if this is the right collar for you. I measure 12 inches around where this collar sits and am able to fit it on the tightest setting. It feels snug yet I am still able to fit several fingers underneath the collar. For safety reasons, I wouldn’t buckle it so tightly that you cannot fit any fingers underneath it.

I think the quality of labor on this collar is pretty good. I only have two complaints about the gems attached to it. One of them has a bit of excess plastic hanging off the side that I can’t get off. It’s not noticeable unless I look right at it. Also, the gems don’t appear to all be evenly spaced apart. Most are ¼ of an inch apart and are placed at a certain spot in regards to the width of the collar however a few are pretty off. I paid $21.99 for this and I expect it to be well constructed and to look really nice. The flaws it has just make me feel the manufacturer doesn’t hold high expectations of their products before they leave the warehouse.

As I said before, I purchased this collar mainly for appearance. It can be used as a fashion accessory or symbolically for a BDSM relationship. I think the slim band and lack of hardware on it helps to make it a bit more discreet looking if worn in public. It can resemble just a choker necklace if the buckle is turned around and hidden under hair. Unfortunately, the lack of hardware (like a D-ring) makes it impossible to use on a leash or with ropes or anything. I suppose a leash could be attached over the leather, but that would probably wear the leather down pretty quickly by rubbing on it.

To care for this collar, you’ll want to condition it with a leather conditioner. I’d follow the instructions on the packaging. This should be done often in order to keep the leather supple and free of any cracks. If the collar happens to get dirty, wipe it down with a damp cloth followed by a soft dry cloth. It should not be submersed in water. Once it’s dry, it should be stored flat in a cool, dark, dry place.

I really had high hopes for this collar. It looks really cute, yet at the same time the flaws with the gems makes it look cheaply made. While the product page states this is a one size fits most collar, it’s not really a good fit for everyone. It can only fit up to a 13 ¾ inch neck comfortably, which would probably be about a small or medium sized woman. My fiancĂ©’s neck is much larger than mine and will not fit in this collar and he is only a medium sized man. However, since this was purchased for me and fits my needs, I still like it quite a bit.

I give the Diva Stars collar 4 out of 5 stars.

product picture
Collar by Ruff doggie styles
Material: Leather



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