12 June, 2012

Who's A Sassy Kitty?

While I’ve owned some little floggers and paddles that have some bite to them, I’ve never had anything that could actually do some damage. I wasn’t really sure if I was ready to use a mega painful and intimidating looking crop yet, but I wanted to try one. I settled on the Heart Bat by Spartacus due to its cute appearance and price.

The Heart Bat comes wrapped in a long piece of cellophane. It has a tag attached to it, which I saved for review purposes, but I unfortunately cannot find anywhere.

This bat is pretty simple. It measures 25 ½ inches long from the heart down to the base of the handle. The whole handle is about as thick as a fishing pole and is very sturdy. It holds straight and steady when used. The base of the handle is metal with a tiny print of the Spartacus logo. The grip is made of black leather. From there, the handle appears to be covered in a black plastic strands braided together. The last 3 inches of the handle are covered with black plastic coiling. This ends at the heart. The heart is made up of two leather pieces sandwiched over the very tip of the handle. Each heart measures 2 ½ inches wide at the top. The outside of each piece is metallic red. The pieces unfortunately are not sewn together, so they can come apart at the top of them. This can actually work to lessen the sensations provided by the bat. It can possibly be repaired with some shoe repair glue however I have not tried that.

For the price, the bat’s quality is pretty good. It’s got some leather material to it and has a sturdy handle. This bat is also very light weight, weighing only 1 pound. This makes it easy to swing. I did not notice swings slowing down due to air resistance.

This bat can really be used however you want to. It can be used to punish a submissive or simply give your partner a few small taps. It works great along with a blindfold and restraints. I like the idea of using it along with a strap on dildo and harness.

How much pain you inflict really depends on how hard you swing the bat. Gently swinging produces a gentle tap on your partner, while putting all of your strength into it can really hurt. I’ve found that about a medium intensity with it produces a really good sting that lasts for a while. Correspondingly, how red skin becomes from a slap depends on the intensity of the swing. A good hard swat on my arm produced a very red looking mark. I have not noticed the marks being heart shaped. Usually they just look like big red blotches.

Caring for leather can be a bit difficult. This bat should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. It can be cleaned by gently wiping it down with a damp cloth followed by a dry one. I recommend conditioning the bat every 6 to 9 months with a leather conditioner. Follow the directions on the bottle.

As much as I like this bat, I think my cats like it more. It resembles a stick cat toy. Every time my one cat sees the shiny red heart, she goes absolutely nuts trying to get at it.  Unfortunately, she knows where I keep it and waits there for me to take it out. My other cat will stand close enough so that I can gently smack him on his back with it. He likes it enough that it makes him purr usually. I guess I have a sadistic cat. Unfortunately, both cats had their eyes on this right when I took it out of the box. If you have cats, I’d keep it stored away from their reach. Mine has little chew marks on it from one cat getting ahold of it when I was cleaning out the chest I store this in.

Who's been a bad boy today?

I really like this bat. Since my fiancĂ© is not really into pain, I can gently tap him with it. It’s not intimidating looking at all. I think it’s great for both beginners and advanced users because of how easy it is to inflict varying amounts of pain. The price compared to quality is great.

I give the Heart Bat 5 out of 5 stars.

Interested in ordering the Heart Bat? Click the link below to add it to your cart on EdenFantasys!

product picture
$22.99Heart bat
Bat by Spartacus
Material: Leather



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