12 June, 2012

Week Two: Well That Was Disgusting

I'm a bit late publishing this post, but it's now week two of that supplement. I've been diligently taking it every day except for one day when I wanted to just come home and go right to sleep. 

I've noticed a few different things since last week. I feel very bloated and fat on my entire body. Using a waist trimming belt that helps you sweat out extra water weight is helping my waist. Unfortunately I cannot get anything for the rest of my body.

My breasts feel pretty sore this week, which is extremely unusual for me. The way I like to sleep, flat on my stomach, is uncomfortable. 

I've determined what kind of beverage to NOT mix the supplement with: milk. I put it in a glass of chocolate milk. It was one of the foulest drinks I have ever had. Even the one time I mixed vodka into a Starbucks cappuccino was better than this. 

I have no change in measurement this week.



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