28 June, 2012

Week Four: No Change

I've been on week four of the supplement for a few days now. I decided to wait to publish my update. I was on my period, which threw off my bust measurement a bit, so I wanted to wait that was over with to measure myself. 

I decided to purchase a breast enhancement cream by the same company. It works pretty much the same way as the Fulfillment supplement. I've been using that for about 5 days now and have continued to use the supplement every day. I've been applying the cream one to three times a day, depending on whether I work or not. I am still taking Fulfillment in a glass of juice, usually one or two half droppers of it. 

I haven't noticed any side effects from the cream, aside from small things like clogged pores. It's an oil-heavy cream, so it's going to clog my pores pretty quickly.

I have started losing weight again, so I'm not feeling as bloated from taking Fulfillment, if that was even the cause of my bloating. It's still bothering my stomach a lot.

Since Fulfillment is supposed to work better with more protein in my diet than carbs, I'm going to have to cut down on carbs a bit. I love high carb foods, so this kind of stinks. I plan on loading up on Atkins snack bars and lean meats if I can. The Atkins snack bars follow the Atkins diet, which is low in carbs and high in protein. I'm not really a fan of protein bars that mock flavors like brownies or cookies, but if it'll help my progress, I'll eat them.

I measured myself again and am still measuring 35 1/4 inches around, which is no change from last week. I notice no difference in appearance. My breasts do not appear any fuller, perkier, or heavier than last week. Hopefully next week will bring me a change.



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