21 June, 2012

Way Too Short!

I am a huge fan of polka dots. When I see something that has polka dots on it, I just have to have it. When I first saw the My Baby Lovebabydoll set, I loved the look of the polka dots, red ruffles, and bows. As soon as I had some spare cash to make an order on EdenFantasys, I purchased this in size small.

The babydoll and thong come wrapped in a clear cellophane bag. The set does not include a hanger. Attached to the babydoll is a hang tag. This tag states that this piece will fit cup sizes A to D. On the back, it lists the size of the set. The tag sewn onto the babydoll states the material content is 90% polyester, 10% spandex. Care instructions are: hand wash in cold water, line dry, and do not bleach.

Most of the babydoll is made of a stretchy see-through mesh. There is black mesh with white polka dots over it and some red mesh used for detailing. The black polka dot mesh is a bit rougher than the red mesh. It doesn’t feel itchy or rough on skin, though. I can just feel a bit of a difference between the two when I rub the material with my fingers. The red mesh is nice and soft feeling. Both the babydoll and thong also have an opaque black material on them. This is also very soft and stretchy. It feels thicker than the mesh. It’s used on the sides and part of the back of the babydoll. The thong is made of this material with a cotton liner on the inside.

This babydoll is designed to have an open back and still offer support and comfort to the wearer. At the top, there are crossing adjustable straps made out of the black polka dot mesh. These are very stretchy. I’m able to adjust them from 26 inches in length down to 14 inches. They are kind of a pain in the butt to adjust because the straps are really thick and the adjusters are tiny. The chest portion features underwire. The underwire is a bit bigger than that in my 34B bra. I think it’s a larger B or smaller C sized cup. The cups are made of the polka dot mesh material and do not have any lining inside. The tops are trimmed with red mesh. There is no adornment between the cups.

The middle of the babydoll features a 4 ¾ inch wide panel of polka dot mesh surrounded by two panels of the soft opaque black material. The border between the two materials is lined with satiny red elastic bands with black lace over them. These run from the cup underwire all the way to the red bows at the bottom. Each one measures 11 inches unstretched. On the back, the two panels are bordered by the same red elastic and black lace trim. Between the two trims are two strips of polka dot mesh running horizontally. A loop of red mesh is sewn over these. The end result looks pretty close to a bow.

The bottom of the babydoll has two layers of ruffled mesh to make a small skirt. Both the red and black polka dot meshes are used. The black layer measures 3 ¼ inches long and the red layer measures 3 ¾ inches long. The red layer peeks out just a bit beneath the black layer.

The thong is surprisingly better than most of the ones I get in lingerie sets. It’s made of the black opaque material and has a tiny cotton liner in it. The back of it isn’t simply an elastic band, it actually has a panel of fabric.

Measurements (unstretched/stretched in inches):
Bust: 28/36
Waist: 24/36
Hip: 30/40
Length: 19/29
Thong rise: 6
Thong waistband: 24/38

Size Chart (Small):
Dress size: 2 – 6
Cup: A – B
Bust: 32 – 34
Waist: 24 – 26
Hip: 34 – 36
Weight: 90 – 120

My Measurements:
Dress size: 5 – 8
Cup: B
Bust: 33 under bust, 35 over bust
Waist: 27 inches
Hip: 35 inches
Weight: 140 pounds

When I ordered this, I ordered a size smaller than what I should have ordered. I’m larger than most of the size chart. I ordered the small instead of medium because of the underwire in the cups. I wanted that to fit properly, rather than be too big. Fortunately, a smaller size seems to have worked well for me for the most part. The cups fit me well without looking baggy or anything. I definitely say these will fit a C cup, but I have doubts of it fitting a D cup like the tag claims. D cups would definitely be spilling out of the top of the cups. This babydoll fits tightly, however it does feel like it has more stretch to it.

The materials are very flattering to my flaws. I love that the material doesn’t accentuate my large hip bones. When I first pull it on, some material will dig into my skin a bit, however once I adjust everything to sit where it should be sitting, it feels very comfortable. Once this is in place, it doesn’t ride up or anything, making the babydoll work well for wearing during sex. I definitely suggest cutting out the care tag and DreamGirl brand tag as they are very itchy and irritating to skin.

If you look at the pictures of the babydoll on the model, it ends right over her butt. On me, it actually ends well above my butt. I don’t really care for the skirt being on my upper hips rather than over my butt. I’m not really tall, either. I’m 5’8” tall. It ends up looking like a frilly-bottomed shirt on me.

As far as the thong goes, the waistband fits comfortably. It sits on my hips without digging in or causing a muffin top. I don’t find this or any other thong to be particularly comfortable. I do like that they didn’t add the cheapest possible thong to this set, though.

Since I don’t like thongs, I instead wear boy shorts or lacy hipsters with my lingerie. I think any kind of black panty would work well with this babydoll.

I think the care instructions for this piece are okay. If you have a front load washer that has a gentle cycle, I think it would be okay to throw the babydoll in. I would hang it up to air-dry it, though. The thong is pretty sturdy and should be okay to go in the washer and dryer with other dark clothing.

I am just storing my set in a chest at the foot of my bed for now. When I finally move and get to have a huge closet again, I will hang up the babydoll to keep it from getting wrinkly.

I’m not particularly too fond of this set. It looks lovely and is made very well. It doesn’t have any strings hanging off of it or anything. Unfortunately, it’s too short! I don’t like feeling like a giant wearing tiny women’s clothing. I was really hoping this babydoll would be long enough for me to wear some fishnet pantyhose underneath it. Putting them on with a too-short babydoll just doesn’t look good to me.

Because of its… shortcomings, I give the My Baby Love Babydoll and thong set 3 out of 5 stars.

product picture
Babydoll and panty set by DreamGirl
Material: Polyester / Spandex



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