04 June, 2012


Normally, I don’t go for animal print unless it’s a smaller item like shoes, a belt, or a hair accessory. I think it can sometimes look a bit tacky to be covered in animal print. When I first saw the tiger print minidress by Music Legs, I thought it looked kind of cute. I ended up ordering it because I was curious about the brand, as their lingerie line had just begun being sold on EdenFantasys. I definitely liked the price for the dress, too.

The mini dress comes packaged in a small paperboard envelope similar to those that pantyhose and stockings are sold in. The back states sizing information as one size fits most, 5’ to 5’10”, weighing between 100 and 175 pounds. This dress is made of 100% nylon. Care instructions state to hand wash in cool water, do not bleach, hang to dry, and do not iron.

As noted above, the material used to make this mini dress is nylon. This is the same material used to make tights, thigh highs, and pantyhose. The feel of the material resembles a thicker pair of tights. Because of this, the material can be easy to snag and cause runs. It should be handled very gently. Right out of the packaging, this piece looks VERY tiny. It has a lot of stretch, though. Unfortunately, the more the dress is stretched, the more distorted the tiger print becomes and the less opaque the material is. Right out of the packaging, the material is very slightly see-through. If I stretch this as much as I can, it’s quite a bit more see-through.

The top of the mini dress and the back are lined with black lace. The lace is also stretchy and feels very soft against skin. The chest portion is just plain nylon. There are no seams or underwire or anything around it. The straps are two crossing elastic spaghetti straps, which stretch quite a bit as well. Unfortunately, when this dress isn’t stretched, it can be a bit difficult to figure out how to get this on so the straps cross properly. The bottom of the dress is plain. This piece does not come with panties or any other accessories. Aside from the crossing straps, this piece is extremely simple.

Music Legs does not have size information for one size fits most lingerie on EdenFantasys, however I was able to find one elsewhere online.

Size Chart (OSFM):
Bust: 32 - 38 inches
Cup Size: A – C
Waist: 23 – 29
Hip: 34 – 40
Height: 5’ to 5’10”

Measurements (Unstretched/Stretched):
Chest: 22 inches/38 inches
Waist: 20 inches/32 inches
Hip: 22 inches/44 inches
Length: 28 inches/33 inches

My Measurements:
Under bust/Over bust: 32 inches/34 inches
Waist: 27 inches
Hip: 35 inches
Height: 5’8”

I fall pretty much within the middle of the size chart. When I wear the dress, it feels like it has a bit more room to stretch. I think the size chart is pretty accurate for this piece.

This mini dress fits me very comfortably, however tightly. Since this has to stretch for anyone wearing it, it’s going to feel tight on everyone. The nylon material seemed to work to squish my chest flatter, which I did not like at all. The nylon would provide enough support to hold a C cup; however anything larger may not fit in the dress comfortably. I noticed the material mostly returned to its shape, with just a little bit remaining out of shape after I removed this. The photos show this mini dress ending right below the model’s butt, which is where it ended on me.  During sex, the bottom of the dress did roll up quite a bit.

As far as appearance goes, I don’t really like this dress. It’s so tight it shows off every little flaw I have. It makes my already small chest look much smaller. It also made my hips look way bigger than they do, just because it accentuated my hip bones. If you’re looking for something that will look beautiful and won’t accentuate any flaws, especially around your tummy, I’d go with a more flowy dress or chemise.

To care for this dress, I would simply hand wash it in the sink with a gentle detergent and leave it hanging to drip dry.  Once dry, I would make sure to put it away somewhere where it won’t snag on other clothing or anything. If you have cats, their claws will cause little furls of nylon to stick out from the rest of the dress if they happen to snag a nail on it. I keep mine folded and stored away with some other dresses.

My overall opinion on this dress? Go for it if you like tight dresses that are a bit see-through. If you’re looking for something loose and easy to care for, this is not the dress for you. I like the price, comfort, and cut of this mini dress, however I’m not the biggest fan of the red tiger print or the nylon material.

I give this dress 4 out of 5 stars.

product picture
Mini dress by Music legs
Material: Lace / Nylon



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