14 June, 2012

Look At These, They're White and Lacy!

I ordered these white lace top stockings just to have a pair of white stockings on hand, in case I needed them for any clothing. I mostly have black stockings, both fishnets and regular sheer nylon ones, so the white is a nice change. The lace top stockings with back seam are also available in red, black, and nude.

The stockings come packaged in Leg Avenue’s usual paperboard sleeve. Both the front and back show a model wearing the stockings. The back of her is shown so you can see the backseam on these. On the back is a bit of information. These stockings are 100% nylon. Instructions are to hand wash in warm water, use non-chlorine bleach when needed, drip dry, and do not iron. These are one size fits most, with the only information provided for sizing being weight. You should weigh between 90 and 160 pounds to fit in these stockings. These are made in Taiwan.

Out of the packaging, these stockings are extremely simple. Both the stocking and the lace band on top are pure white. The stocking features a backseam, which runs all the way from the tip of the toe up to the lace trim. The stockings themselves are extremely stretchy, however they do not return to their original shape after wear. The lace band is a bit less stretchy. It measures 3 inches tall. Both materials are extremely soft against skin. The lace has a few loose strands around the top, but it doesn’t look really cheap.  Since the lace band does not have silicone or elastic trim in it, it doesn’t do much to hold the stockings up. I suggest using garters to hold the stockings up.

To put these on without causing any runs, I suggest bunching the stocking material together, sticking a foot in the stocking, and gently pulling the bunch up your leg. This will minimize the chance of runs from fingernails or toenails. The material does feel pretty delicate, so it should be handled with care. I do not have any runs in my stockings yet.

I am able to stretch the lace band to a maximum of 22 inches. This means that these will be tight if your thighs are 22 inches around or larger where these will be sitting. I measure 20 inches around my thigh where the top of the band sits when I wear these. My thighs are not very toned at all (despite the fact that I bike 7 miles a day most days), so usually thigh highs give them a muffin top look. These surprisingly did not. They didn’t dig into my skin at all and sat very comfortably on my thighs.

Unfortunately, when I put them on without garters and walked around a bit, after about 10 steps they started drooping down my legs. The nylon slowly slid down my legs and the lace band rolled over itself as well. I did feel a few extra inches worth of space in the lace band and the nylon felt like there was plenty more room to stretch.

As far as comparing the fit to the weight suggestion of 90 to 160 pounds, I think they are accurate. I am 5’8”, weigh about 140 pounds, and have pretty bulky legs. I have very muscular, bulky-looking calves. I think those closer to the smaller end of the scale may find the material isn’t as sheer as it would be on those closer to the larger end of the scale. The more the material stretches, the more sheer it becomes. I am able to easily stretch these up to the tops of my thighs and feel they could keep going upwards a bit more if I’d like them to.

Like I stated before, this material does not return to its original shape one the stockings are removed. Instead, they just look sad, droopy, and used. While I have not noticed any issue with it yet, these may bag a bit due to the fact that they stay stretched out after each wear.

I think these stockings would look good with a few different costumes. They’d work well with any nurse costume or an Alice from Alice in Wonderland costume. A maid costume would also be a good choice. They would also be great for wearing under a wedding dress or with wedding night lingerie. Other than pure white lingerie, I haven’t found any lingerie I would pair these with, though I suppose that is just my opinion for this color.

To care for these, I’d follow the directions on the package. Hand wash them in warm water with a gentle detergent like Woolite. Hang them up to drip dry once they’re clean. I wouldn’t wring them out, just because it will stretch the material out more. Once they are dry, I’d store them somewhere where the material won’t snag on anything else. The paperboard sleeve is not a good choice for storage, since these will just slip out the open side. The sleeve can be recycled.

I think these stockings are good for their price. They fit me very well and are super comfortable. This is the first pair of nylon stockings I have ever worn that did not give me a muffin top on my thighs. Unfortunately, the material is very fragile feeling and does not return to its original shape after these are removed. I think using a blend of nylon and spandex would definitely fix this issue. It would also help the stockings to provide a bit of leg support, which can help make legs appear slimmer. I am going to be ordering a black pair as well. I’d love to see a larger variety of colors offered in this stocking.

I give these lace top stockings with back seam 4 out of 5 stars.

Interested in purchasing these? Click the link below to check them out on EdenFantasys!

product picture
Stockings by Leg Avenue
Material: Nylon



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